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    Daddy needs new glasses/goggles.....

    ......but since I'm not an Engineer, I'm pretty much stuck with those Mimiron10 drops..
    But how do I get to Mimi as Chicken/Bear?

    - Flamy: No idea how to solo him.. Advice?
    - XT: Sould be relative easy.
    - Kologarn: Should be easy, if I can avoid being grapped by his right hand, but is that even possible?
    - Mimi should be easy as chicken, is I can survive Plasma in P1..

    Any ideas?

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    I'm assuming you're lvl 90

    Flame Leviation should be easy. Use the demolisher, make sure the blue energy bar is full, and just throw 10 stacks of it on FL. He dies fast.
    XT is also pretty easy. Just make sure you don't kill the heart. Get it down low, then just kill adds while you wait for the heart phase to end.

    I haven't tried the others myself yet, so can't comment.

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    if your talking about 10m it's easy.

    if done upto kologarn on my monk.

    first boss just nuke with blue barrels. switch spot on tank grab 1 barrel and change back. if stacks are about to fall off refresh. he will be dead before ya know it.
    ignis just tank and nuke in the water.
    drake boss i just aoe adds and nuke her past 50% on the first land.
    councel i didn't solo. my dps was lacking and the 3 bosses together did tomuch dmg to my monk. ( not DPS MS )

    kologarn won't grip you if your alone i recall.
    but he will still do his breath if your outside mellee range. + eye beams and adds if you break one of his arms.
    should be doable if you manage to stay in mellee range and not die on beams.

    on crazy cat lady i suggest you nuke the cats down asap then it's just a matter of surviving her dmg.
    can't say much about the other bosses. been a while for me.
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    Ignis, Drake, Counsil, Cat Lady... All these are optional bosses..

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