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    Malware Warning

    Is giving me a malware notice that looks like this:

    I talked to Fuzzie, and he isn't getting the same problem as me, so was hoping others could try and clear it up.

    Thanks - Hastings

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    I got a similar page, using latest Google Chrome. I clicked proceed anyway and not getting it again, but it was there.

    These are probably related.
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    Most of the time, is that people link images from sites that have had malware issues in the past.
    foh / funnyjunks are the few I've encountered that people have linked from and had to be removed.

    It is annoying but it's really hard to pinpoint where it is on an image thread especially when the warning itself is pretty damn vague.
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    It's the image in this post. View source -> ctrl+f the domain.
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    Well, went back to that page to test it, and it's gone, thanks mods

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