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    5.2 PTR Bug/Glitch Thread

    So, I decided to make this thread as I seen many new bugs and glitches with the 5.2 PTR. You can post any bug or glitch here to let us know about the bug or glitch and then to report to Blizzard.

    Anyways, 1 really annoying bug is that you can't enter portals, or click on stuff, it just doesn't work. Super annoying. Thoughts? (Already reported to blizzard but anyways)

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    Can't see cast bars. This is with all addons turned off.

    Edit - Healing cast bars on a holy paladin, i can see denounce castbar (enemies cant see healing cast bars either)
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    Every time I log on to a character that I was playing recently, I get a message saying that someone with that name already exists and sends me back to character selection. After a few minutes I can get back on again
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    The dungeon journal still crashes me and occasionally causes the login screen to insta-crash unless I let the installer continue downloading without running the game for a while.
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    I have no idea how, but I have 2 PTR accounts WoW1 and WoW2. Problem is only WoW 1 have access to MoP, but everytime I copy my chars on PTR they land on WoW 2 and I can't play there. Sucks really hard.

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