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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneFrostFire View Post
    wash basin, anyone? *trollface*
    I won't lie, I've used one before because the trip to the toilet (Navy Base) was a few minutes and it was freezing, it's was only to take a piss though, if it was a dump then off to the toilet I go... there's a limit to how gross I will get lol.

    To be honest, posting about the wash basin was my initial thought to a comment here lol.

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    Honestly, if you're at the point where you're complaining about having to put the seat up or down, you need to take a step back and think about what you're doing in life. It's a goddamn toilet seat. It takes 2 seconds to put it up or down.
    Is it a rule that you have to be rude and sarcastic in every conversation here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Feel View Post
    Guys.. hey guys listen.. what about.. guys listen.. what about the sink?
    I prefer the shower.

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    I went C, flushing with the lid open seems a bit weird to me (and noisier), but to each their own.

    But for everyone else, if you want true equality, we could design a toilet with a seat that clicks into a default 90 degree angle? A Google Image search makes me think this doesn't exist yet. To the patent office!

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