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    Every week on LFR spine.

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    Mechagnome Mr. Casual's Avatar
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    i have never done lfr

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    Once, but my bowels were about to explode. Courtesy has its limits.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Giants41's Avatar
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    Yep. Sometimes when im really tired i just don't try at all so i consider that afking. But im forgetful so if i go to the kitchen to get something i'll end up conversing with people and forgetting im in LFR. Oh well
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    Whenever I give a guildy a healer que I just stand in the riad spamming /roar (belf) until I get kicked, I've yet to finish an instance, went 3/4 in toes once though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scummer View Post
    I'm the kinda person who has very guilty conscious, and knowing that I'm not pulling my weight doesn't sit well with me. I also believe that you should try when possible to respect each whenever possible and that this afk'ing isn't a polite thing to do.
    Absolutely true. I just find completely disrespectful to join a group activity in wow (LFD, LFR, Scenario) and just remain AFK and expect get carried by the others, wasting other people's time. So when i join LFR, i actually contribute to the run, and avoid AFKing.

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    i left an encounter once and got loot via mail. good job!

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    Nah, LFR is a good place to have fun padding the meters.

    I might put a friend on follow for trash though.

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    Im a hunter, fight begin and i pop all my CD and top meter burst. 45-50 sec later, when everything is on cd, i go afk

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    The Lightbringer judgementofantonidas's Avatar
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    No. As I play mainly tank classes I have to work much to hard to stay alive with half of the healers undergeared or not trying and the other half afk or on follow.

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    I can't believe so many people actually do this, never thought it would be a majority at the very least. I never have and never will, just seems like a scumbag thing to do.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Giants41's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmines View Post
    I can't believe so many people actually do this, never thought it would be a majority at the very least. I never have and never will, just seems like a scumbag thing to do.
    But it's cool, Everyones doing it! So you have to!!!
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    i think everybodies guilty of doing this !

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    Herald of the Titans Bathory's Avatar
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    Sometimes, when I just really don't feel like doing it. Of course it would go faster if my DPS was in the fight (since I'm finally valor geared and I pull some good DPS), but sometimes I really have no interest since I'm not getting drops anymore.

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    every single week on main and alts, I idle, afk, on most fights. I raid on my main and thats more then enough for me too bother with raid content, LFR new raid been out for a while most times is no wipes, so I auto shoot on hunter or cast a few on my casters and idle in lfr, usually doing something else on my other account on 2nd screen.

    If raid wipes, then I will assist with dpsing, other wise, nup afk ftw in that crap hole
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    I mostly try to pull as much dps as possible to get it over quicker, but sometimes you have to go afk to pee, and then ill run like no tommorrow!
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    Herald of the Titans Sibut's Avatar
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    I don't on my 2 primary characters, but my 4 alts I afk hard when I bother to run them. Autoattack, tab to netflix, etc. When I actually put in effort and actually pay attention to the other people in the group they piss me off way too much.
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    I will AFK if I have to get LFR done + something else, if I get a choice between doing school work or LFR, why not chose both? I will generally just play properly, and even if I afk 70% of the time, the 30% of the time I'm doing something is enough to get me into top 5 of overall damage most of the time.

    I stopped caring about people being afk a long time ago, theres also several times where we 12-15manned bosses because people were afk or just really bad.
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    I dont technically afk. But I wont avoid any damage and I occasionally go out of my way to take damage. If I get killed I kick back and read an ebook till the boss is dead.

    But untill I do die I do go balls out on dps.

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    yeah on my rogue this week i was afk for all 16 bosses, playing lol on the other screeen only got kicked 1 time - but hey i could que again

    yeah it sucks to be like this, but i feel i need to do lfr to get the upgrades i can, and the valor, but its just to boring, relly hate thay put it into the game

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