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    [Balance] Will of the emperor Hc

    Does anyone know whether natures vigil or heart of the wild is better for this fight?

    Also any tips you guys have found for this fight would be appreciated
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    Nature Vigil is the best for this fight. The only fight I would change to Heart of the Wild talent in this tier is for Tsulong for massive p2 healing.

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    I heard discussion about this before. I meant to test it on our most recent kill but I completely forgot. The idea is that Heart of the Wild might win out because of how much multi-dotting we're doing.

    This probably would have been better for me to test when we were learning the fight, but perhaps I'll remember to mess around with it next week.

    This week's logs with NV in case it could help:


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    I got the rank 1 on 25 hc last week atleast with NV

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    Thanks guys, we got close tonight (43M)
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