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    looking for build help/advice

    Budget: £950
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Games / Settings Desired: WOW under normal setting
    Country: England

    just looking for tower build advice monitor is new and i can reuse only my copy of windows

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    £950 is enough to get a pretty sick system to be honest. You can probably spend half that and get a system to run WoW on High.
    Can you build the system yourself?

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    Parts / Benchmarks
    Total price ~950 you can do some switching a seasonic 520m psu would be cheaper, you can jump between a 660ti and 7950 or even jump up to a 670 if needed. This would play basically everything, overclockable, and be a great gaming rig. Also case is preferential so you could pick something else.
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    self build yeah that's no problem

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