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    I would say the both of them are equal. Bane's ending only cut off a few points but that doesn't mean he wasn't weak or pathetic. Throughout the whole movie I kept imagining what he would do to the average citizen. I mean it wasn't just the music, it was just how he was portrayed. He and excuse my language didn't fuck around. Not even with his own men, two of them messed up and he didn't tolerate it at all.

    I mean even though Tom Hardy doesn't look like a thing like Bane now, I'm still amazed at how he acted Bane. I mean the guy acts like a total terrorist. He's brutal,ruthless and he has an exact plan on what to do. I mean he may have told Batman about the plan and that may of made him predictable. It was still scary how he was able to take down Gotham almost completely. In a funny way if Batman didn't return and stayed Bruce Wayne he might of succeeded and Gotham would be rubble or rather Gotham would be in trouble.

    As for the Health being the Joker. He completely dominates any live portrayal. Yes even Jack couldn't compare. This Joker was unpredictable, as it should be. I mean the Pencil act kind of pointed it out to you in your face. I mean would you want to mess with a guy who just killed someone with a damn pencil? He was able to get the mob under his fist and use them and in a way get Batman out after him.

    However now that I think about it Jack's Joker didn't exactly push Batman into action. He was just there doing Joker things. In The Dark Knight the Joker was able to kill the Commissioner of Gotham Police, a Judge and nearly Harvey Dent albeit figuratively he did. He nearly made Batman turn himself in(Which IMO was silly, Batman doesn't give up in my headcanon). He pushed Batman to his limits physically and mentally to what he could do and killed his love interest which had future consequences on Batman's sanity.

    So Health Ledger and Tom Hardy are to me equal in acting characters at their fullest. Granted Tom Hardy's performance was affected by what Health did in the past movie affecting the storyline. Both of them are tremendous actors and I admire both of them.

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    Make a poll and it will be 95% Heath Ledger's Joker.

    He gets my vote.
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    I would say heath ledger as well, get that pole

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    Tom Hardy was good.

    Heath Ledger was better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hksin11186 View Post
    Second to Mark my ass. Hamill does great voice work as Joker - don't misunderstand - but Ledger took Joker, internalized him, and became a unique version of him. Nobody beats that. Not Hamill, not Jack. No way.
    I just can't get over the fact that whiny farm boy Luke Skywalker voices a megalomaniac archvillain in Batman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hksin11186 View Post
    Second to Mark my ass. Hamill does great voice work as Joker - don't misunderstand - but Ledger took Joker, internalized him, and became a unique version of him. Nobody beats that. Not Hamill, not Jack. No way.[COLOR="red"]
    Mark became as much the Joker or even more so than Heath.
    Just because we didn't see him perform him live, doesn't mean he didn't put himself into it.
    Heck if you watched the DVD extra's from BTAS the producers said that Mark was making gestures etc in the recording booth as if he was acting in a live action movie, that if they filmed Mark in the recording booth they could have made a series out of that (sadly they didn't).

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    As much as I loved the Joker, he never felt like a real threat to me.
    He was bad-ass and Heath did a great job on this version of the Joker but in the end he was as big of a threat to Gotham as Bane.

    It took me a bit to get used to Bane, I was very sceptical at first due to both the looks, voice and lack of venom.
    But Hardy really pulled it off, despite not being a gigantic hulking monstrosity every hit felt like it could shatter bones.
    The fighting style he used along with his posture and speech really made it work.

    So I'm going to say Hardy here for doing more with less.

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    Both were completely different characters in a different story arc. I think the Joker was more interesting, but Bane had one heck of a presence.

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