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    Xbox360 Arcade games. I got a few questions

    Hi everyone i was wanting to know a couple of things.

    to start off i got 1090MS points to spare and was looking to ether buy a worms game"cause i love worms grew up playing it" or a good dungeon clawer/action rpg I enjoy the whole torchlight/diablo style gameplay.

    Im just 110ms points short of torchlight sadly or I would get that.

    So now here is my questions if anyone can answer them that would be answer.

    Question 1: Can anyone tell me of any good dungeon clawer/Action RPG games that are priced under 1090ms points.

    Question 2: Can anyone tell me if the online is still active in Worms 2: Armageddon. It only cost 800ms points so i though about getting it but if the online is dead i won't.

    If anyone has any good games they think I should pick up let me know. as long as there cost is under 1090ms points. all achievements must be able to still be gotten to prove my point *won't get smash tv due to one achievement your are not able to get and has never been fixed so you could since the company that made it shutdown*

    Remember it has to be under 1090MS points don't have the cash at the time to get more

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    Save em, they're not going anywhere, till you have cash to get a tiny bit more and grab Torchlight
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    Quote Originally Posted by Worgenite View Post
    Save em, they're not going anywhere, till you have cash to get a tiny bit more and grab Torchlight
    Ya I though about it just wondering if there was any games i missed that maybe cost less

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