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    DK or Warrior for tanking..

    I have an 87 Death Knight and 87 Warrior, Im only gonna level one to 90- and their only purpose will be tanking and soloing old content(I love doing that). Which would you guys recommend? Yea-No dps specs, no pvping.

    At first I was sure Death Knight would be the right choice..but now im hearing there unreliable tanks at 90, and because of warriors second wind their great for sololing old content. Just wanted some second opinions.

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    Tanking - Warrior, soloing old content slightly Blood DK. But still with Warr you can solo almost as much as with DK atm.

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    DK should be better for soloing Old Content, even better for harder bosses(Such as Mionelol's solo of 25HC LK is an example).

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    could be mistaken but I think a minor nerf to 2nd wind is incoming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incandio View Post
    could be mistaken but I think a minor nerf to 2nd wind is incoming.

    A 33% nerf is not really a "minor" nerf.
    A warrior with current BiS gear should be able to solo almost any Cataclysm boss (in NM). At the beginning of 5.2 it may not be true anymore but should be doable again during the patch as the gear will compensate for the nerf.

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