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    klaxxi exalted quest

    ive just hit exalted with the klaxxi on my monk & was wondering if there is no longer a follow on quest for the epic ring? i have exalted on my shammy & straight away was give the next quest, but there is no sign of it on my monk. is this a bug or are you only allowed to get the quest once per account?

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    Did you make sure to awaken all of the Paragons?

    If not, go find the last one, because you can do that quest as many times as you have characters.
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    Yes. The quest still exists, if you can't grab it, it means you didn't complete the entire quest chain from the Klaxxis. Quite easy to 'miss' a follow up quest when wakening a new Klaxxi or simply not clicking the final 'amber piece' on the floor on the southern area. You'll have to try and find that missing quest to be able to complete it.


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    As soon as "Amber is the Color of My Energy" achievement is done (all paragons awakened) and you're exalted, you should be able to see the epic ring quest.

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    thanks guys, i didnt realise i had to do all the quests to open the last 1 at exalted. many thanks once again

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