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    Quote Originally Posted by High General Turalyon View Post

    Do you remember exploring the ancient ruins of the Eastern Kingdoms, or the vast plains of Kalimdor?

    Can you recall the feeling of crossing one of the little rivers of Elwynn on your way to Westfall?

    Remember when trees and mountains looked impressive where they towered far above?

    Remember not having everything beautiful on Azeroth look like low-res miniatures in the distance, while you hover idly far above?
    Yeah I remember all that stuff. I can do it again whenever I want. This is the great thing about choice, if I want to go and explore areas on my ground mount or even on foot, I can, if I want to revel in Azeroth's endless beauty, I can, whenever I want, hell sometimes I do.

    So why take flying mounts away? If your reason for taking them away is simply because you want to go and explore the world again, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing so, but enforcing the same on everyone else when they may not agree is not a good thing. Flying mounts are convenient, they are fast and they get me where I want to go, when I want to. Sure we did fine without them before, but even I am not going to deny that I use mine a hell of alot and I like doing so, they save me time.

    You could also say that if we were running through the world again it would get old fast, I might not want to look at the scenery all the time, but I CAN if I want to. Hell I remember before flying mounts were in azeroth, anytime I was traveling somewhere, once I'd seen the place a few times I wasn't even thinking about the scenery around me, I was thinking about my destination and how soon I would be there. Besides, most people used flight paths which is basicly the same thing.

    In short.

    Don't take flying mounts away.

    Go explore if you want to, maybe even take some friends if you want to?

    What's the problem?
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    The game would be much better without flying mounts. I don't care about pvp either. I am saying this entirely from a pve standpoint. Flying mounts made the massive world feel a lot smaller and its too easy to get from one place to the other (fly up, autorun, afk). The world is massive and should still feel like it. I admit I'd miss my dragons and I do still use them, but that's only because with the way the world is right now its designed to be flown through and walking/ using a ground mount isn't always an option. Trust me though whenever I'm going through org, stormwind, or other areas friendly to ground mounts I do not fly.

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    Go try Lord of the rings online if you want a game that will never have flying mounts. When it takes 20 minutes to get to one place to another you will start to appreciate how well flying mounts are.

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    I do remember adventuring through the vast lands of Azeroth, running through the towering ancient trees of Teldrassil, dry fields of Westfall, desolate wilds of. . .Desolace, etc etc. Even Outland before having a flying mount was an amazing experience. The limitation of only being able to travel on foot gave me a sense of mystery and curiosity of what could be beyond the horizon, what PvP player(s) could be waiting around the corner, etc.

    However. . .the experience of being able to fly is just as amazing to me imo. Seeing everything I experienced from vannila and what not, but from the skies is also awesome. When I do feel like running around on my Anzu mount in azeroth, well we still have to option to run around on foot which never gets old for me unless I'm in some kind of rush.

    For some reason (maybe it's just me) everything in vanilla and tBC feels a lot smaller to me. It might have something to do with how often I fly through those worlds, but it does give me a sense of progression in those worlds. In that I've mastered and overcomed so much of what warcraft's lore had to give in the past. . .and that my character(s) are moving on to face greater threats that are directed towards what I used to look at as a large world. . .a world I had to wage war and fight through and against, but now I feel big enough to be needing to protect that world. (god sorry that was a super nerdy RP moment and I don't even RP. . .)

    I haven't been playing WoW, but I definitely would be disappointed if the ability to fly in-game was removed :c It's not that hard to just choose to run on foot/land mount. Being "forced" to fly out of convenience is YOUR problem, some of us don't let that limit us. . .
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