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    Returning after 2 years...

    I've been out of the game for about 2 years now and looking to start back up with my 80 mage. Talents and JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING is different now...any suggestions for leveling? I was thinking frost, looks like talent builds have been dumbed down alot. Almost tempted to just restart a panda from level 1 just to get used to the new crap...

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    First of all, I suggest you take a look at http://www.icy-veins.com There is a very good guide there that explains every new Talent/spell/glyph on every spec. A lot of things have change and leveling from 1 is a good Idea so you get used to new mechanics and talent system. The Pandarean quests are fun as well.
    It will be ok I guess if you want to level your current Mage since 80-90 will take you much less time and all quests are new to you.
    Frost is a good Idea to level as the utilities and cc that it provides will help you go faster. Good luck with your new Adventures in Azeroth!
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    If you're not used to the game after all of this time, I'd suggest questing 85-90 as frost. More survivability and less room for mistakes

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    My honest advice? Pick up a different class, and retire your mage until GC pulls his head out of his ass.
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    these are my favorite types of responses (didactic). i killed dps meters in BC (pre cold snap etc) to prove people wrong on cookie cutter superiority.

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    I Would tell you to become Arcane, It's the better right now (Or at least for me). For PVE, And for PVP Become Fire.

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