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    What is your favorite sound in all of WoW?

    If there is one thing I love about WoW it is the sounds and affects. I could recognize any WoW sound and apply it to what it is doing in game, as I'm sure most long time players could. So, what is your favorite sound? It could be a spell cast, npc noise, level up, etc etc.

    My personal favorite WoW sound is the sound when the Alliance take a flag or capture a node in a BG. I PvP a lot as Ally so it means that we are doing something right .

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    Algalon the Observer.

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    A Gnome dying.

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    First i can think is that thump when Ogre dies and hits the ground.
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    Deep wounds or kidney shot.
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    it has got to be the sound of the monk pet doing it's moves, so cool

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    Right off the top of my head, the first and only thing I can think of is a gun's attack sounds. That distinct clicking, followed by a loud blast or series of blasts. I also like the sound of footsteps on clanky metal, like the squares in Orgrimmar.

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    interesting question as there are probably thousands of examples to pull from. personally i like all the war-cries i.e. the sound a mob makes when aggrod from humans to murlocs, also, probably the different noises/sounds the VR's make

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    The music in Karazhan.
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    gold the sound of gold
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    It has to be the wow theme music. Really nothing beats hearing that (or an expansion variation of that) at the login screen. Instant nostalgia.

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    Gotta be either the noise when you ding or Heroism for me
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    The sound you make when you get the berserker buff in bgs...pure win

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    Nielas Aran from Kara, his voice is the embodiment of awesomeness.

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    My favorite sound will be when I take part in killing Garrosh and carry his head in my bags as a trophy, how I hate him...
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    Stormherald ministunning.

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    gnome /charge
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    My favorite Wow sound is the little 'click' it makes when I check the box to disable all other sounds.
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