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    Quote Originally Posted by Gheld View Post
    Virtual Reality MMO Ultimate realistic experience, just 10 billion dollars, and 30 dollars per second to enjoy the experience.

    Swinging a bamboo practise sword around with your friends in real life and utilizing your imagination: Practically free.

    My lack of imagination says yes, but the market forces say no.
    Nah, they'd subsidize it and then get you with micro-transactions
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    Can see soooo much good and bad with these.

    The porn would be epic, even for the people with the truly sick and twisted fetishes without ever hurting anyone. For me, it would be a lot of Asians and a few Blacks and Red Heads.

    The games would be equally epic from the sports games down to fighting, hunting and especially the RPGs. For me, I would have fun being a druid in WoW VMMORPG as well as Skyrim and the Ghost Recon and Unreal games would be a blast as would the old Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater and so many other games where I could literally hunt and stalk my prey.

    Military training would be literally 100% like the real thing up until the point of death as with virtually any major job that requires training for safety, assuming it isn't automated away which it probably will be.

    Could be used to effectively capture and torture people with no hope of fighting back or trap them in a world of your own design and possibly use it to trick people into giving up information they would never willingly give up. Great for interrogations though when they don't even realize they are still there and attempt to go about their routine.

    Both good and bad: Prison systems utilizing it would be pretty well escape proof and perfectly safe while the prisoners are forced to serve our their time and nothing they can do will endanger anyone or allow them to break the rules.

    This technology, if/when implemented, will have make great positive and negative uses, unfortunately it will probably be used for all of them.

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    That is what I think about the video games : VRMMO's are their future! I just hope I can play them before anything REALLY BAD happen like a nightmarish 2 years of forced playing for survival...

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    It's not only possible, but regardless of what you may be aware of, is being funded and researched by the American government (possibly others as well I don't know). While it is not at all true virtual reality at this point, high level military personnel are often trained using soft VR. There was a show about in on the Military channel not between 5-7 years ago. Knowing that our technology is getting better and better, and that the government (again at least in the US) has technology much superior to what they let us know of, it wouldn't be surprising to me if these soft VR training programs are getting closer and closer to the real deal.

    Of course, how close they are to true VR is debatable, and I don't think that anyone would seriously think we have true and complete VR. However, the possibility is there, and is quite likely. How it relates to gaming though is more difficult to predict. I would hope that the last industry to have it would be the video game industry, as they are probably the last that truly needs the technology. Where as the medical, military, and teaching fields could make so much more use out of it. In the end it all depends on who funds it publicly, and whether or not once it is successful if they sell it out to the government for big money, or actually release it.

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    I hope so, I could finally realize my dreams of playing as a little girl bard in a VRMMORPG.

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    Until they invent a way to make VR something that doesn't f**k up your head from playing it for long periods, I don't see anything good from making it a reality. ,

    Sitting around with headgear on with your ears, eyes and nose tapped into a machine, doing so for hours on end each day will cause more health risks then being sat at a monitor all day.
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    Sure. In the future we'll have harnessed quantum computing to its full potential! So it should be a breeze.

    In our lifetime, however? Well, better get to work on shutting down human aging.
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    I've heard about the Rift, but how it work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander925 View Post
    That is what I think about the video games : VRMMO's are their future! I just hope I can play them before anything REALLY BAD happen like a nightmarish 2 years of forced playing for survival...
    In-game death would almost assuredly not cause real-life death, but to quote Gabriel Iglesias, "God bless me, that's exactly how I want to go."
    I'd rather die doing what I love AND helping others to get their lives back than just be wired up for weeks in a hospital and die of some obscure medical cause.

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    Don't think it will be possible untill we learn more about the brain and how to interact with it.
    For virtual reality we would literally need to feed our senses fake information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirito1103 View Post
    Guys, and the rare chance of girls, the technology of this game and the hazards of inventing said tech is only one major stepping stone along the path to making a VRMMORPG like what Sword Art Online is.

    But the tech leap isn't the biggest problem.

    The biggest problem is ethics boards.

    For the gamer inside SAO it would be an amazing experience, the joy and rush of physical combat being just one part. But its what happens when one gets out of the game that would cause any ethics board to immediately reject the game. You see, when a person plays a video game they gain a small sense of what their character feels, and their anger towards the villains and all, but were you to actually to experience that feeling for yourself it would be almost as strong as your hatred for the guy who sits in the corner of your class (supposing many of you are students or have been) and makes those stupid comments which make you want to drive their head through a brick wall. Yet in the game driving the villains head through the wall is totally acceptable, or PKing that annoying git.

    Unfortunately, as many psychology students know, the human body undergoes a certain blending effect with everything it comes into contact with. You dress to suit the norm, you sleep at night because that's when everyone else is sleeping. It's sort of like peer pressure. However the longer you spend with the idea that it's okay to PK the more likely a person is going to actually kill in real life. This goes with super strength, indefinite breathing, immunity to fire or fall damage, and even matrix like jumping, as well. What you see is normal, as you are doing these things.

    The line between what is real, and what is not begins to blend. What you can do, and what you can't. And one day you screw up, say in game you have the top strength factor and you can stop a train by simply standing in front and punching it. You've done it in your game a million times. So when the train comes at you, you do the same thing.

    Turns out you weren't in game after all.

    Then there is something else, a problem that is almost as big as the blending one. I find a line from Inception perfectly encapsulates thus. "The dream has become their reality." And why shouldn't it? In Sword Art Online I am respected person, I'm stronger, faster and really popular. In the real world nobody even knows I exist so why should I sit behind a desk bored silly when I could be spending my time with people like me?
    Actually wouldn't common sense come into play?
    Granted for some the line of reality and game can be blurred, hell we're not even in a true dive system yet. But still there are others out there that have lost that ability to tell reality from games.

    Being that this is indeed the case, wouldn't the ethics board of stopped online gaming MMO's, or any online social media outlet by now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirito1103 View Post
    Because SAO is absolutely amazing. As well as one of the best modern examples of a VRMMORPG

    ---------- Post added 2013-04-04 at 07:34 AM ----------

    Uh Bigzoman20, you may or may not know it. But he have the tech to make one right now, or at least start work on it. Its just finance and ethics, most likely some countries have already started work, and/or are completed by now but that would be the greatest ever military training program.
    When I watched the first episode of Sao I thought it would end up as a military test

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    I don't remember the guy's name, but awhile back I remember reading an article about this guy who has accurately predicted every major technology advancement in the past ~20 to 30 years or something like that. And he was able to back every prediction up with facts. Dang I wish I could remember his name or find the article but can't right at the moment.

    Anyway, he predicted that humans will find a way to upload their consciousness to a computer by the year 2045. As in, you can basically upload everything that makes you human, into a machine, and then live forever inside the machine (as long as the machine is kept working). So if he is to be believed, then yes, we will probably be seeing a VRMMORPG in our life times. And it should technically be coming before 2045 (since you wouldn't need to technically upload your consciousness into a machine, just allow it to access it).

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    We are at the minimum decades away from the technology necessary to do "virtual reality". Hardware isn't remotely powerful enough for it. And display technology isn't quite there either. Not to mention things like eye tracking that will be necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    Nah, they'd subsidize it and then get you with micro-transactions
    For 5000 dollars they'll turn off your ability to feel the damage for real for an entire raid night.

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    I foresee more bad coming from this than good. The potential for just generally bad shit to happen would be ridiculous. And I'm not even talking about malicious uses like torture and imprisonment.

    This shit will traumatize people. Like no, seriously. Imagine having your spine ripped out in Mortal Kombat or getting your head cut off by a chainsaw in Resident Evil. Imagine the fear of playing a real survival horror game, like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I don't think humans can withstand that level of mental stress. Sure, there will be people that do just fine in games like that. Some people will literally go insane.

    The addiction will also be a serious problem. Sure, video game addiction is nothing new, and it's something most gamers don't really experience. This level of immersion has never been achieved before though. You could literally live a different life, with no outside distractions. I guarantee, in countries like South Korea, the number of video game related deaths due to shit like not moving, eating, or drinking water, will rise by like a bazillion percent.

    Don't get me wrong, as a gamer, I think technology like this would be awesome. The potential for accidents, malicious use, and unforeseen consequences truly scares me though.
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    Can't believe this hasn't been said. What you're describing is a virtual environment, not virtual reality.

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    The possibilities are scary. Having your mind compromised by ads, criminal hypnotic suggestions, subliminal brainwash, being mentally hacked for info, etc.

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