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    That's why the future 'exists.'

    To captivate the imagination of the present and future generations.

    Meanwhile, enjoy Sword Art Online.
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    There is 95% of making Virtual world

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    maybe not today, but in the near future for sure

    wouldnt surprise me if we had realistic and affordable VR's in about 10yrs of time, maybe even less than that.

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    Sign me up for The World!

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    Not to burst anyone's bubble i want this as well like really bad like I'm a gamer and it world be cool to experience a game like your actualy in the game I asked my brother who had a job creating games and he's really smart and knows alot of stuff he says it might happen but not likely as it breaches the human rights code your at the mercy of a machine that could fail and kill you. But he'll I'd risk it i want to play half life in s vrmmorpg and sao but as long as I don't get stuck in the game forever

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    I would definitely need better input options than keyboards or even worse controllers. Also way better and detailed physics would be needed to give me a more imersive experience. The feedback (besides the visual one) I could probably ignore. Visuals can fool your brain a lot already.

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    This is a bird simulator gizmo. You flap your arms and the fan blows wind in your face. I wonder what a set up for an MMO would look like?

    This maybe?

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    Based on the rapid improvements made to the tech in recent times, I'd say in the next fifty or so years we'll have them.

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