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    What makes WoW fun for you?

    Is it PvP? Raids? Dungeons? Dailies? (lol)? Casual play? Leveling? What get's you into this game? and why?

    I personally love raiding, but casually. Also I love leveling characters.

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    I can't define it.

    I was thinking about it this morning. There is a magic to World of Warcraft that I didn't find in other MMO's like Aion and SWTOR. What is it? I'm not sure, but I just enjoy the simple magic of in-your-face 300k Obliterates. Of controlling battlegrounds through overwhelming damage or superb healing. Keeping my groups alive despite their best attempt at killing themselves. Downing that boss with 6 people left in the raid and getting an epic piece of gear.

    But in terms of mechanics? I love it all. I play competitive 2s and 3s as a death knight, battlegrounds as a warrior and a disc priest, regular dungeons on all classes, LFR on everyone, and I enjoy dailies and questing (leveling) and re-leveling alts just to experience it all again.

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    Everything PvE, and lore.
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    I used to have a lot of fun with pve. Racing for realm firsts and trying to get the most out of my character. Even when the pve felt lacking, just raiding with my friends kept me interested and logging on. However it stopped being fun for me right after mop launched and I just lost interest in it.

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    I love raiding (Hardcore raider since Vanilla) and Lore. Also i love world of Warcraft (Azeroth). There is something that i feel to WoW what i don't feel to any other game. I think we can assume that it's "magic".
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    For me, I don't think it's that clearly defined. There are many aspects of the game I appreciate, from a familiar world, to nostalgia, to the little things. I always end up returning to WoW, and I think that's what makes it so great, the fact that it can pull you in.

    As for specifics, I love PvE, all aspects of it. The idea of banding up with a group of like-minded individuals, killing some force that is threatening Azeroth or life on Azeroth, and that feeling of finally downing a boss after a long time progression, I think that's the one feeling that keeps me playing this game.
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    the small things:

    easter eggs
    quest lines that are worthy of remembering (darrowshire, elemental bonds, day deathwing came etc)
    events (proud of being involved with the wrathgate one and undead invasion)
    my characters first epic (epic world drop in feralas)

    the big things:

    WC3 stuff - illidan/arthas
    game graphics
    game play
    "Main" lore
    the mofo Horde
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    Quote Originally Posted by -KeenaM- View Post
    Is it PvP? Raids? Dungeons? Dailies? (lol)? Casual play? Leveling? What get's you into this game? and why?

    I personally love raiding, but casually. Also I love leveling characters.
    For me its the ability to play with friends, but thats not just WoW... its any game. If you don't have people to play with, in my eyes you don't have shit. But that aside I like WoW to kill time. It's a good time killer. Dead clocks everywhere!
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    Demonic Circle

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    Friends, and my 'investment' into the lore.

    never got too deep into other MMOs.

    I do have other genre games that I like, but as far as MMOs go, wow is the one for me.

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    PvP, but only with my buddies. Apart from that I have little fun with the game anymore.
    I used to be all about the PvE. Did Naxx and all in vanilla. None of that is fun to me these days though.
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    At this point not the game itself but the people I play with.

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    also; pet battles and your own farm.

    Blizzard allowed an extra dimension in the game with pet battles.
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    Lore and big crits.
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    No idea....when i focus on individual things i pretty much hate everything in wow...

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    Raiding and the social aspect with friends, combined it can't get much better.

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    When I played other games, it was always the lack of raiding in them that brought me back to WoW. I enjoy raiding and group activities with online friends.

    I have played WoW, Rift, Aion and GW2 and while Rift had raiding and I absolutely loved that game's pvp, I think what brought me back to WoW from there was the large variation of classes that WoW has. I also enjoy pvp to some extent in WoW.

    The achievement system, the large variation of mounts and pets, and the large variation in transmog sets are also fun. Oh, and I like farming (Sunsong Ranch) too.

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    It's constantly having a new mountain to climb. In WoW, you almost never are fully progressed. There's always a better piece of gear, an achievement to unlock, an alt to level, something. I never feel like I've "beat" the game, but I also never feel like I'm stuck and can't get any further.

    The exception is 10 months of DS and a year of ICC, of course.

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    When I played, leveling up was my favourite thing, doing the quests and reading them, it was pretty entertaining for me. I love the lore a lot too, so go figure.

    I loved doing dungeons too, especially low level ones, thought BC's were my favourites. WotLK were pretty good too.
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