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    [PVP] Simple way to cause butthurt from 90 lvl players.

    This is a very simple way!

    All you need: it is to go in Halfhill and take with you only ONE priest, with talent Cascade.

    Now see what will be u can do: youtube.com/watch?v=mEmFlDs4GyU

    Safety zone (phase): where planting vegetables
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    I like dropping my blingtron just inside the phase area of my farm so people fly by and see it but when they walk up to it they get phased out and can't click it lol

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    I was honestly expecting this to be something about making an 80 twink prot pally and abusing the shit out of the vengeance bug exploit in enemy capitals or something stupid, since it said specifically piss off 90's.

    Because fucking around with Halfhill's phased safe zone isn't exactly new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathgoose View Post

    Because fucking around with Halfhill's phased safe zone

    10 char10 char10 char10 char

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    Actually, speaking of that.

    Every so often, I've seen a Prot Pally's consecration poof on the ground while I was farming, and it killed one of my chickens!

    I was so mad, because those are MY chickens to kill with unintended AoE!

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