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    I'm a little optimistic though, the first troll has a beard... I've been wanting one of those on my trolls for a long time.

    This picture is false advertising:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalden View Post
    Im currently looking at the one on MMO champ and it says orc in it... dunno what you guys are looking at exactly.

    Just for reference.
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    It might be a changed version of the new "yet unseen" orc model, but that one is clearly a forest troll.

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    this is the news post the link is from

    and here is the image

    where in that does it say its an orc?
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    different culture different rules. Dont be gay in russia? Seems simple enough
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    Taking things that have sacred meaning from cultures that are not your own for profit / ridicule / cheap costume is racist.

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    But it is. Yup 100% sure its orc. i know its 100% true. cuz i is are interwebs.
    you would think people would know what you are trying to do after 1000 of this exact type of thread is open lol.

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    Obviously someone downloaded the image, renamed it orc.whatever and uploaded it to imageshack...

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    This brings a new meaning to obvious troll.
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    1st one is a desert troll
    2nd one is a forest troll

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    Just gonna close this.

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