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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Zero View Post
    "proper raiders" ?? You do realize the best raiding guilds in the world run lfr, right ?
    You do realize that you're making his point for him, right? It's not like those "best raiding guilds in the world" run lfr because they love the bosses with 0 threatening abilities. They simply do it for loot, which is of comparable quality to previous tier, offers overpowered set bonuses or has specific items which are superior to alternatives.

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    Still gives VP and is nice to test something in Raid Enviroment. Don't think LFR will die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aramile View Post
    This seems pretty much how it is.

    I still do LFR as heals just for the easy VP. Yet I fall in the HM raider catagory. Even if not for gear, LFR still serves a valid purpose.
    Same here, been running my offspec past weeks but mainly, i do it for the 450 easy vp, beats doing dailies

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    i'm in a top 2000 guild and i can say for a fact that none of the raiders are raiding LFR anymore because there is no use for it everyone has better gear and all their sigils, it was only mandatory for us when we needed gear and sigils and doing a random dungeon/scenario everyday is so much better then the little valor you get. So next tier if neither of us has any gear needed (if its lower then normal/heroic) then why the hell would we run it???

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    Quote Originally Posted by think309 View Post
    If the new tier bonus is worth it, they will run it just so they have a chance to earn their tier bonuses earlier.
    yeh tier sets and possibly a weapon if u had bad luck in this tier would be the only reasons to go for it

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    I can't possibly imagine the gear from T15 LFR will be less than T14 normal, that would put it at less than valor gear since MSV normal is 489 and so is valor. Which would also mean that doing a week of dailies could get you significantly higher ilvl gear from 5.1 faction, and that upgraded items would beat out anything from LFR since they will not be upgradeable. Meaning my 491 Shin'ka would actually be higher ilvl than whatever weapon would drop from potentially the thunder king himself. That is a bizarre system and they always talk about how they don't like things that aren't intuitive, "don't feel right", etc. Having 486 gear or whatever drop from T15 LFR would certainly qualify for "doesn't feel right".

    I can see it being lower than T14 Heroic gear sure, that's almost a certainty. I imagine it'll be around 496. If we factor in ilvl required to que with comparable drop, for MSV it was 460 for 476, a 16 ilvl upgrade, or HoF/Terrace is was 470 for 483, a 13 ilvl upgrade, so if it is 486 (currently the ilvl to que on PTR) one could project a 10 ilvl upgrade, putting it at 496 minimum. If they lower the que ilvl to 483, or even 480, it still falls in line with the previous trend of a 13 to 16 ilvl gap from que to drops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Last Starfighter View Post
    Not true. We started raiding before LFR even started up. Heroic 5 man gear was the requirement for MSV.
    You don't understand what I mean.

    Without LFR being pushed and pushed in Cataclysm, it was possible that all raid content could have finished with DS as it became more and more economically unviable to create.
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    We can look at cataclysm for comparison. When DS lfr was released the gear had ilvl 384, which was better than the last tier's normal gear (378) but worse than its heroic counterpart (391). So logically the LFR gear in the 5.2 raid should definitely not have lower ilvl than 496.

    Does anyone remember the ilvl requirements for LFR back in Dragon Soul?

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    I don't know what the next tier's ilvl will be, perhaps normal mode will be 503, and LFR will be 489 but then that would be comparable to MSV, contradicting what blizzard say but it would seem the most logical, in my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dranged View Post
    Does anyone remember the ilvl requirements for LFR back in Dragon Soul?
    It was 372 to enter DS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypasonic View Post
    I don't know what the next tier's ilvl will be, perhaps normal mode will be 503, and LFR will be 489 but then that would be comparable to MSV, contradicting what blizzard say but it would seem the most logical, in my opinion.

    It was 372 to enter DS
    Which puts DS at a 12 ilvl gap from que to drops. Which means if it only went to 489, that would be the lowest LFR has ever given comparably by -50%. Which is a huge margin. Even just 12 ilvl from 483 would be 495. Which also sounds like a reasonable number for T15 LFR. Still worse than HoF/Terrace normal, but better than almost any other source of gear except Sha, Galleon, and 5.1 faction. Also 4 ilvl better than fully upgraded T14 LFR gear, again which makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypasonic View Post
    I don't know what the next tier's ilvl will be, perhaps normal mode will be 503, and LFR will be 489 but then that would be comparable to MSV, contradicting what blizzard say but it would seem the most logical, in my opinion.
    My guess is 503 from LFR, 516 in normal mode and 529 from HC.

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    I'm doing LFR every week since start, and I'm normal/hc raider, and I know many people do that aswell. LFR is easy way to get valor, and I'm trying to do weekly cap on first day of reset. Don't see a reason why this should be different in 5.2

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    I do a few LFRs each week to cap out on VP, and I still see people in the groups that whine about not getting misc drops. People are still doing LFR MSV that actually NEED stuff. I really doubt once the 5.2 LFRs start to trickle out that the numbers will dwindle. There are always new alts/players leveling up to 90, and people will need to do those 5.1 raids to get the items to do Throne.

    Everyone will be OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dossou View Post
    I run LFR to Valor cap because it's more fun than 5 mans
    So that's why I ran into you in LFR... I was wondering what you were doing there.

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    Serious raiders don't "need" the current LFR either...
    They still use it for:
    Supplying their gear for a slot where they still didn't get a piece from the regular raids.
    A fast way to knock out the valor gain from all LFR's combined, in one day.
    Gearing up Alts.

    I see no decline worries.

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    i only do the last raid from LFR , and i get 30min+ queque times on wednesday as DPS .... the problem here is if the next tier LFR need u to get ilvl 480 or so ot get in, it gona be even worse and longer queques (read there were a ilvl req of 490?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    Blizzard claims that people who ran Heroic Tier 14 will not need to run LFR, but i expect the same situation that we had in Dragon soul. Namely that trinkets/tier pieces will push even heroic raiders in T15 LFR.

    The only way for LFR to work is when good players carry the bad players.
    This is what I believe will happen as well - sadly. With the amount of time Heroic raiders had to spend on dailies/rep grind/charms and buff food at the beginning of this Tier, I only imaging 5.2 will be the same endless grind. Doing LFR to obtain 4p bonus will most likely become mandatory for Heroic raiders, even if the ilvl is lower than the current Heroic Tier.

    I don't think LFR is suffering at all tbh. Of course you're going to see a decline at the end of a Tier, that's the way it works. Add to that, you may be in a smaller battle group or your faction is highly outnumbered etc. So there's several reasons why LFR queues for SOME people are higher now than at the beginning of the Tier.

    I highly doubt Blizz will make it, so that Heroic raiders don't have to do LFR. They know very well what happens, when not enough good players join the LFR queue. If you take a full group of 25 people who've never done anything but LFR, you're in for a wipe fest. There's always a few raiders, who can instruct, carry and do key mechanics, so that the rest can be /afk or w/e they are.

    Personally I hope, that I don't have to run LFR as a raider.

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    I ran LFR mostly for offspec and trinkets, don't see that change. The VP are a nice bonus for lower tier normal guilds like mine who can't finish cap with normal/heroic bosses and daily dungeons only, but not needed or time efficient at all. I'm guessing the new LFR ilvl is gonna be somewhere around 490, based on the announcement. Between Mogu and HoF normal anyway.

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    Noone will run 5.0 LFR because new malevolent gear is 483 and why waste time in LFR when you can grind them guarenteed in battlegrounds.

    The "you have to PVP to get PVE gear" era is back again folks

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    I'm running LFR to cap my damn valor points.

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