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    YouTube wants me to change my name dilemma

    I cannot comment on ANY video without YouTube asking me to change my name. I don't want to change my name. That is the option I pick. However, that doesn't seem to work. I am stuck in a perpetual loop with the infuriating pop-up that I cannot close without closing my entire browser. So I cave in and put my name. Nup no good. 'Looks like there's something wrong with the name provided. Try again.' is the message I receive and bam I am back to square one.

    After searching around I cannot find an answer to this horrific pest of a pop-up, I thought I would come here and ask how I can get around this. I like commenting on YouTube but I cannot.


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    Dammit I figured it out as I posted this thread.

    Please ignore and close.

    Sorry mods

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    Well, I'd guess your name is somehow forbidden by YouTube rules then... Nothing you can do.

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    well what is the name they wont let you use? is it offensive? is it taken by someone else? you are not giving enough information.

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    The issue was that YouTube was asking if he wanted to use his real name to post under instead of his screen name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergtau View Post
    The issue was that YouTube was asking if he wanted to use his real name to post under instead of his screen name.
    Well change it to a fake real name then (its not like you have to use your electronic ID)
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    Why would you even comment on youtube videos? What a cesspool.

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    OP figured out his problem, closed.

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