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    RNG in the game?

    Call me a sore loser - I'm Auranna-Barthilas. A Prot/Fury warrior who raids at least once a week, never fails to do Sha, got exalted with all the MoP factions etc etc.

    Till this day since I hit 90 - I have not ONE single piece of tier. Don't talk about normal mode as I'm still progressing on it - but from Sha, LFR - never a single token drop. To be honest only a few weeks ago did I actually find out what my set piece bonuses were.
    Compared to a fellow guildmate druid of mine who has enough tier tokens for all 3 specs...

    Now not to say I'm complaining about this crazy RNG - I do have nice other loot from raids and such, but never the tier pieces.

    I just feel alone and wanted to know what you guys experiences with loot gods were?

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    1. get in guild
    2. raid
    3. get tier without praying to RNG gods

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    Well I was in the same boat as you. Until last Xmas - then I tried LFR again and voila... 3 tier pieces and some other stuff. Before I had only 2 pieces of gear gotten from LFR. So this was Xmas indeed. But seriously... I'd rather just gotten 1 piece of gear every week then nothing for a LONG time and then BOOM - a lot of loot.

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    This is why I want more grind and less RNG. RNG has ALWAYS been my bane. I almost always lose rolls and when talking about drops. "10% dropchance" means like 0,1% or never for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gigi12 View Post
    1. get in guild
    2. raid
    3. get tier without praying to RNG gods
    4. make sure isnt 10 man
    5. make sure ur not a paladin priest warlock

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    5. make sure ur not a paladin priest warlock
    I hear you, buddy.

    RNG is lame. I especially hate it in an environment like LFR. I'd love to get a weapon for my mage, but there is NOTHING I can do to infuence this. I can kill the Mob once a week for a 5% chance of my weapon dropping.

    I think it's safe to assume, that she will never see it. Maybe they put in weaps for Blacksmiths in 5.2?

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