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    I'm playing from Thailand, so what I have is actually lag.
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    Does it matter? I mean if you are discussing a problem and asking for help ofc you should say. "I am having issues with low fps" rather then, with lag. But if you are pausing say a game of sc2 or playing with friends. It can be easier to say "Sorry I have lag pause the game", because everyone will straight away know what you are talking about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Champxoxo View Post
    I saw this same thread something like 5 years ago.

    I thought the same thing then as I do now.

    "who gives a fuck".
    pretty much this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonas View Post
    pretty much this.
    Meh, especially in a tech forum it creates allot of confusion to what the actual problem is. But certainly not something to get upset over.

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    Lag can refer to either as lag is neither the technical term for high latency or low FPS, it's the result; Not being able to keep up. Basically just be specific what is happening when you ask for help, problem solved.
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