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    May 2007
    From a town near Oslo, Norway.
    I deal with the security on our main airport.
    Well excuuuse me, Princess.

    You are now breathing manually.

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    Going to be technology student next fall. Until taht I'm unemployed metal worker which I couldn't care less ^^. And I'm from Finland and it's very bad weather here atm.

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    I'm 17 and i do what most of us do. Sleeping, eating, studying and spending tax money on online games...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junkkiller View Post
    where about in greece? i just moved here recently and i can use some friends
    I wouldn't give my address to someone called Junkkiller. Nothing personal.

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    I live in Romania and I am a professional photographer, covering events and model shootings.

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    The Hague, NL
    I'm originally from the UK but live in the Netherlands.

    I'm a Web Developer, specialized in PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, SEO and Javascript. I am also starting to learn C# for Lightswitch.

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    I'm from Portsmouth and I'm a call centre noob.

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    Gumdrop House, Lollipop Lane, Happy Land.
    Quote Originally Posted by mrgummage View Post
    I'm originally from the UK but live in the Netherlands.
    Heh, me too

    Customer Services manager (in reality it's a small company so that only entails being in charge of like, 2 other people :P)

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    From Sweden, worked as a carpenter for 10 years but studying Computer science in Karlstad atm

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    Perth, Australia
    I'm from Stoke on trent in England, Living in Perth Australia but I great up in Auckland New Zealand.
    Never know which one to say so I just say all three.

    Work on the till at a supermarket, soon to be uni student...hopefully.

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    Houston, TX USA
    Quote Originally Posted by Anakso View Post
    I'm from Stoke on trent in England, Living in Perth Australia but I great up in Auckland New Zealand.
    Never know which one to say so I just say all three.

    Work on the till at a supermarket, soon to be uni student...hopefully.
    I'm gonna visit Auckland in a couple months for 2-3 days. Any advice on what to do with myself?
    I have legalized robbery, called it belief. I have run with the money, I have hid like a thief
    Rewritten history with the armies of my cross. Invented memories.... I did burn all the books
    And I can still hear his laughter, and I can still hear his song
    The man is too big. The man is too strong.

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    Space Ship Builder.

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    I'm from Houston, Texas, but I've never lived intercity, just in suburbia and now in a place slightly farther out than suburbia (But, still within 45 min commuting distance or less depending on traffic, 288 is amazing).

    Right now, I'm still in High School (Senior), so I don't do much, taking a college level Music Theory class, Calc 1, college level Computer Science, already taken the first two semesters of college English (Over the summer), took college level Government (Still have to take a Texas based version, in college though, but it's only a semester), college level Economics (Mainly Macroeconomics), and Calculus based physics, called Physics C at my school. And lastly, college level Psychology (The Intro).

    My major is probably going to be in one of the STEM fields, just not sure which one yet, leaning Physics though.

    Oh, and college level is another way of saying it's an AP class, which basically for my grade level, means I'm taking introductory level college classes, which automatically count for high school credit, and if I pass the AP Exam with a score between a 3 and a 5 (Some schools tend to differ on whether they'll give you college credit or not depending on your exam score, fluctuating between 3 and 5, since anything below a 3 is considered failing.) then I also get college credit for the class.
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    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Sacramento, CA

    I have a couple of degrees I most likely will never put to use... I am currently a independent comic book artist and writer, as well as a fledgling novelist (just finished my first book)

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    Mississippi - US
    Jackson, Mississippi and I sell my soul for nickels and dimes.

    No but really I'm an IT Support Specialist.

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    In your browser
    Leamington Spa, UK

    Currently a student.
    ''The only true failure is when you stop trying''.

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    Running away from the flashing Blue Lights !
    Where are you from ? - I am from my mothers birth hole
    What do you do you do ? - Part time retail assistant.

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    Netherlands. I work in IT while going to school for a Management degree.
    Intel i5 3570K @ 4.5GHz | Intel 120GB SSD | ASRock Z77 Extreme4 | ASUS Xonar Essence STX | ASUS GTX670-DCUII
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 | Corsair H100i | Corsair HX650W | Fractal Design R4 | Dual 23" IPS Monitors| Razer Deathadder | Gigabyte Aivia Osmium

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    Denmark, Copenhagen
    Denmark, Copenhagen - Studying to become a science teacher
    I like juice

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    Bronx, New York.

    Currently doing Animation in college.

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