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    I want armor penetration back

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    Honestly, hit/exp are no more fun/engaging than any other stat.

    You want to hit some magic number for those two, same as you want more and more of one single stat that is good for your class. None of the stats are really that exciting and their effects do not obviously change your gameplay. It's like the old +5% damage talents, you can get more of them, but you aren't going to notice that you did.

    At this point though, it doesn't really matter what item stats exist. With reforging, basically any one item is going to be within reason to the next, even if it doesn't have the stats you want on it. If you remove hit/exp off the table, pieces will basically be identical to each other even more. You'll see the same stats on each piece via reforge.

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    only "fun stats" would be soemthing similar to mastery, you know, chance to proc something, chance for extra fire damage, extra % of heal, or something like that.

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    Exactly what I was saying. Static increases in power < Procs. They also need to work on instead of having talents and abilities work like ... If X is present on the target you do Y more damage, and instead having more varied interactions between stats like Mastery/Haste/Crit, Abilities and Talents. Also having talents interacting with each other in any fashion would prove more interesting then what we have.

    Pretty sure for a rogue, outside of taking Anticipation for your 90 talent you could blindly throw darts to pick the rest and not see any difference... at least in a PvE environment, it makes the whole system feel worthless. The worst part is that we were told that they were changing the talent system because the current one wasn't providing "meaningful" or "interesting" choices ... someone should tell them that for some it still isn't.

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