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    Any good excuses to dump a girl?

    I dated with girl for about a month and she has been wearing some kind of push up bra or something. Yesterday was our first time and her boobs are just so small and unattractive. I think I'll have to break up with her. I think she is going to ask why and I can't just tell her I am breaking up with her because she has small boobs. Can I?

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    Really? Breaking up because of her breasts being "too small"? What? Why?
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    You really are an absolute disgrace of a man.

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    I hope this is somewhat ironical or something. What a shame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadee View Post
    I think she is going to ask why and I can't just tell her I am breaking up with her because she has small boobs. Can I?
    Yes you can, just tell her that. This way she'll feel happier about it, because then she would know that she deserves and can do better than you.

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    Yeah just tell her to get a boob job and she isn't good enough the way she is. That seems like a legit enough excuse.

    /sarcasm off.

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    Hey i saw you on 4-chan today (Same picture and same attitude and way of writing). You are a bad troll/an extrememely stupid and arrogant person. I remember you calling everyone on 4-chan fat waste of flesh basement dwellers like a real boss. Please go away, dear scumbag.

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    Since you don't mind your reason why you don't like her, just tell her why you want to break up and leave. If you want to leave without making her question what she's done wrong or feel bad about herself, the best way is to place all that hate on you. So, tell her you don't like her cause you don't like her ta-tas, that'll make sure she doesn't confuse why you broke up with her, and she'll never be upset at herself and think of you as "the one that got away"

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    It's legit bro. if them titties are taking you out of the game, you gotta roll with the punches.

    can't stay with a pair of tits that don't make you happy for the rest of your life.

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    Boobs or no boobs...
    If you dump her for such a trivial matter. You are a disgrace to us men.
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    I hope this is somewhat ironical or something. What a shame.
    Meh, he's just normal troll.

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    Tell her to keep her bra on during sex then, ffs. Think, man!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strifus View Post
    You really are an absolute disgrace of a man.
    was just about to type somthing like this..

    but jesus man.. you go all "hocus pocus, boobs in focus? style?
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    Look at his avatar and location. If you know what these two things mean it's pretty safe to assume certain things about OP.

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    Guys. Guys. Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll.

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    Dont't forget to tell it's not your fault but hers or she'll never learn that she's a smallbreasted freak-monster!

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    We're fine with genuine requests for relationship help but this is just ridiculous. Closing

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