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    Music for raiding

    What do you listen to when raiding?

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    Spotify Radio. Mostly dubstep with some IDM and avant-garde mixed in.

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    Breaking Benjamin, Rise against, Milencollin kind of stuff together with a little trance kind of music without any lyrics.
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    I don't listen to anything except the game's Sound effects and Mumble.

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    Electro House on . Getting pumped to kill them bosses!
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    Metallica and guns n' roses!

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    Metal: Symphony X, Gwar etc. with a mix of progressive and classic rock.

    It really depends on the situation if it is a lol-easy fight music is blasting buuuut if i am needed in vent or i have a part that needs me to communicate with fellow raiders music is very low if not off.

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    for LFR, i usually dont play music in proper raids coz of vent =P
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    Nothing, you should pay attention to Mumble/VT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashMetalFtw View Post
    Nothing, you should pay attention to Mumble/VT.
    So what about those of us that can?

    Back OT, I listen to mainly drum and bass and techno. It occupies my ADD and lets me focus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashMetalFtw View Post
    Nothing, you should pay attention to Mumble/VT.
    Yeah because listening to music is bad during raid...

    OT, I like to play Pandora, I got 5 Finger Death Punch Radio, Rise Against Radio, and Dubstep I combine.

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    Only TS3. During LFR I usually put some metal in the background and put game sounds as low as possible (like 11%).

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    Nothing really, not because I can't listen to TS3 and music at the same time, but because I'll start singing along and my singing voice is ... lets just say bad. Anyway, I'll annoy the sh*t out of my group when I forget that I am singing and start pressing the talk button to say something...

  14. #14 on loop. You can just turn it on during lfr, your mind turns to goo and suddenly you realise that the run is done.

    If I for some reason isn't playing with voice comm outside of lfr I guess it'd be what I normally listen to (which is about half the bands on the planet), mostly guano apes, a perfect circle, creed and nirvana atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrashMetalFtw View Post
    Nothing, you should pay attention to Mumble/VT.
    As long as you're not on a decrepit OS, you can set up ducking. Music gets me pumped and focused. Couldn't raid very well without it.

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    Definitely listen to Queen, Start the fight with Under Pressure and end it with We are the Champions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellravager View Post
    What do you listen to when raiding?
    usually i listen to some fast electronic of my favorites was in firelands with mage on alyzrasor put on "loops of fury by chemical brothers" and blast that bird to the ground

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    Listened to it and just wow lol Cookie

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    Either Rise Against, metal or techno.
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    >Start at pull of Sha of Fear (10man tested)
    >Get cackle

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