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    I have a hunter called Spácker and a raptor pet called Mojo.

    It is my way on concluding the hunter class lives up to the 'huntard' tag - and a bit of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    Just because thousands of people get away with it, doesn't make it allowed. Just because you can make any nickname doesn't make it allowed.
    Here's source


    A: Rules Related to Usernames and Guild Designations.

    Each user will either select a character name or allow the Service to automatically select a character name at random. Additionally, users may form "guilds" and such guilds will be required to choose a name for the guild. When you choose a character name, create a guild, or otherwise create a label that can be seen by other players using the Game or the Service, you must abide by the following guidelines as well as the rules of common decency. If Blizzard finds such a label to be offensive or improper, it may, in its sole and absolute discretion, change the name, remove the label and corresponding chat room, and/or suspend or terminate your use of the Service. In particular, you may not use any name:

    (i) Belonging to another person with the intent to impersonate that person, including without limitation a "Game Master" or any other employee or agent of Blizzard;

    (ii) That incorporates vulgar language or which are otherwise offensive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

    (iii) Subject to the rights of any other person or entity without written authorization from that person or entity;

    (iv) That belongs to a popular culture figure, celebrity, or media personality;

    (v) That is, contains, or is substantially similar to a trademark or service mark, whether registered or not;

    (vi) Belonging to any religious figure or deity;

    (vii) Taken from Blizzard's Warcraft products, including character names from the Warcraft series of novels;

    (viii) Related to drugs, sex, alcohol, or criminal activity;

    (ix) Comprised of partial or complete sentence (e.g., "Inyourface", "Welovebeef", etc);

    (x) Comprised of gibberish (e.g., "Asdfasdf", "Jjxccm", "Hvlldrm");

    (xi) Referring to pop culture icons or personas (e.g. " "Britneyspears", "Austinpowers", "Batman")

    (xii) That utilizes "Leet" or "Dudespeak" (e.g., "Roflcopter", "xxnewbxx", "Roxxoryou")

    So no, Legolasx isn't allowed. (You could even argue it is Leet/Dudespeak due to the x). Ilovefrodo is not allowed. Cillblinton isn't allowed. But I know I'd get away with Boesboes (lmfao they even have a character called Gaylord the Gorilla?!).
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