Thread: Pet battle xp?

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    Question Pet battle xp?

    I woûld swear I read something for the next patch that pet battles would grant xp if you are not 90?

    Is this going to be the case? Would be a great way to level some Alts.

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    IIRC you'd get experience equal to one yellow mob for winning, not really efficient by any mean but it's something.
    WoD was destroyed thanks to MoP feedback where everything outside of raids should be optional.
    So keep that in mind as you once again complain about things being "mandatory for raiding".
    Whenever I see people complaining there's too much to do in Legion I know that Blizzard is on the right path again.

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    Thanks, not efficient but when I go on pet battle craze for the day I'll def use an alt I rarely play, thanks.

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