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    herb/node spawns fixed or bug ?

    We know in 5.1 we saw a huge decline in respawn for herbs and mines.
    I started mining + herbing, same toon, just a while ago in 4 winds and there is a smallish hill top area i been mining and herbing, never mined there before and mines are respawning like every minute or so and herbs, is this a bug or they put spawn timers back ?

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    dont know if its suppose to be like that, Ive never actually farmed in a smallish area circling over and over, unless it was in dread wastes for fool's cap but 5.1 came and barely ever saw in since. Might go have a look and see if its back to normal, cause area im farming now is awesome, even tho its not fools cap

    1 hr to the dot I got

    29 stacks, teal leaf
    11 golden lotus from herbs and lotus plant itself

    36 stacks of ghost ore
    weird this one, 49 black trillium
    25 white trillium, alot were rich trillium nodes and tonnes were x8

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    36 stacks ghost ore*
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    Can you please show us on a map where you are?
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    Skyrange has never been nerfed. It is a daily hub area for the tillers quests, that is why the respawn rate on nodes is so high.

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    I am mining and herbing too in the area of the Valley of the 4 winds with 2 different characters.I dont know if anyone has noticed that mining nodes spawn alot faster than herbs..might take me 1 hour for 30 stacks of ghost iron and maybe 2 hours for 15 stacks of silkweed.

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    Skyrange and the farmlands beneath it has a crazy respawn rate for Ghost Iron veins.
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    It would sound like a little area the designers "forgot about" when they was removing and delaying respawn-nodes.
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    Nope its to do with the fact that more nodes spawn where an area is busy= people do dailies.

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    There is no one out there im on a dead realm, i got 23 lotus in 1 hr, so much ore and herbs in 1 hr and trillium, with little effort, love it, but it seems weird, u can mine or herb and literally see another herb or mine respawn right near you, or as u start to fly off, it respawns, its that fast
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    what realm is it?

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