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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurzior
    In terms of racials, its also a choice with positive and negative consequences. If you pick worgen as your race, yes, you gain a small amount of dps potential (not the gamebreaking advantage you imply).

    My point is that players need to stop thinking that choices they make should have no negative consequences. If you choose to play a specific race, you accept the positive and negative implications of doing so. The idea that choices shouldn't have to be choices is going to lead this game in a direction that I don't want to see, because it won't be worth playing.
    I don't see how I even remotely implied that it's gamebreaking. If you took it that way, I didn't intend for that at all. I believe the term "moderate" and "significant" was used (not OP, ridiculous, or anything like that), because it is moderate to significant for a spec/class like a fury warrior where crit scales with them so well. 1% crit is NOT 1% crit for a warrior. It's 2% chance to crit on Bloodthirst, thereby increasing raging blows, enrage up time and in turn providing a DPS increase not accessible by the other faction.

    I choose to play my Human Warlock for a myriad of reasons, however at the top of the list is because my friends play Alliance. So because I want to play with my friends, I don't even get the choice of a race that is great for my class. Another point, is a lot of people refuse to drop 25$ for it. I'm sure when most if not all people start playing WoW, unless they have a coach, they have no idea how awesome having a human trinket is if their goal is to PvP. Or how much wiggle oom you get for stat allocation for a Goblin Warlock. If I picked a race that is best for my class it would probably be Worgan on Alliance side... but crit sucks for my Warlock. Also; a werewolf using spells and not claws is pretty silly to me.

    Another thing that people have been complaining about is, "lack of diversity" in the new talent trees - this would add more diversity. I think complaints about talent trees are ridiculous because cookie cutters have been used since the beginning of time. Now we're given the cookie cutters and given the optionals. I like options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    I would remove them.
    This guy has the right of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daverid View Post
    I would either Remove them (If there was literally no way to give EVERY race a Really interesting fluff/aesthetic racial, which ofc seems ridiculous) or just remove any racial which gives a Combat Bonus and change to something Aesthetic.

    For example Dwarf - Remove Stoneform and replace with 3 Racials (Each basically the same). Each one just allows you to turn from the standard Dwarf, into either Dark Iron, Wildhammer or Frostborn. 1 Hour Transformation with a 1 Hour CD. Would be perfect for RP'ers, and general appearance change stuff is always cool.
    I think this would be acceptable as well.

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    Either make them all aesthetical, or occasionaly handy, convenient stuff like breathing underwater for Forsaken, or remove them all.
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