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    When you looking for a place to eat you can typically apply the Project Management philosophy of "Pick any two."

    Your options are: Fast, Cheap, Good. You can only pick 2.

    If you picked Cheap and Fast, you picked McDonalds. If you picked Good and Cheap, it's not going to be fast. If you picked Fast and Good, it ain't going to be cheap.

    It's a really good law of the land when developing projects, and actually is quite effective when it comes to food.
    Interesting hypothesis. I know of a great "fast food" store who sell delicious (as in, tasty) falafel breads with unlimited vegetable refill. All the ingredients are fresh, daily. I'm talking about the Maoz brand (I linked to them before) which was started by Israeli's in Amsterdam, who are slowly but surely expanding their franchises world-wide. I find it quite a bang for the buck considering the freshness of the food, as well as the free refills. There's always a big queue due to popularity though so it can take up to 5 min till they can process your order. The problem with refill is there's a big queue so it isn't easy to refill so at some point you're like whatever. Based on my example I'd say fast should be replaced by convenient with the speed of serving a subset of convenience.
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    They have always been like that.

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    This isn monetary policy, you can pick all 3.

    Perhaps I'm just having a fond memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duravian View Post
    If you're looking for a fast food burger, only go to Arby's,
    Arbys has good roast beef and their ham and cheese melts are tasty too. Plus they have their awesome curly fries, always a winner. That said, I'd take a burger from Whataburger over an Arbys burger.

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    McDonald's in Japan isn't so bad. The price is low, and the food quality is actually decent.. quite a step up from how I remember it in the states.

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    McNuggets and Chips with vanilla milkshake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdmshmo View Post
    McDonald's in Japan isn't so bad. The price is low, and the food quality is actually decent.. quite a step up from how I remember it in the states.
    MOS Burger >>>>> McDonald's. ;D

    There isn't anything better than MOS Burger to be honest.

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    I think McDonalds is just more famous, don't know about it being cheaper though as I rather eat healthy so I try to avoid fast food.

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    Pretty cheap, yummy while you eat it (lol)

    $4.00 dinner if im desperate with free water, and drive through, awesome!

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