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    I liked runescape when there were no auction houses and you accualy had to yell in chat and trade with people. I liked that you had to grind stuff to get anything and there was accualy other people around doing the same thing. I liked WOW when you accualy had to walk to every dungeon istead of instant queue thru GUI. I liked times when you knew people on the servers, when there were no name changes. I liked that you gather your own groups for anything you wanted to do.

    Is there a game like this around now? Every game I look at now is so "casual" made that it feels like single-player.

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    "As you can see the age of the whimsical panda sadly, is over."
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    Annnnnnd...this is the point you should be euthanized for the betterment of humanity ;p
    I'll take that as a compliment.

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    You should make an MMO where every badly implemented feature and oversight present in all MMOs ever released, are actually legit features.

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