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    Mainstream Popular games you hate

    I know this has been done before but whatever..

    What mainstream / popular video game franchises do you despise?

    For me it is the following:

    Call of Duty
    Assassins Creed
    Elder Scrolls
    Deus Ex
    Total War
    Grand Theft Auto
    The Sims
    All Moba Games

    Free to play games with micro-transactions.

    I could add MMOs to the list Ive pretty much tried them all at least all the big ones and I found them all boring I think part of it is that most of them are like wow and I have already invested so much time and money into wow that I might as well play wow when I crave an MMO but im tired of wow and I dont like the direction it has gone in.
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    FPS games on consoles.
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    Shouldn't this be in the Video Game Discussion section?

    But Call of Duty & League of Legends.

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    inb4 WoW ..

    Call of Duty.
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    League of Legends
    i require ham.

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    Moved the thread.

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    Any and all games with microtransactions.

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    I don't "hate" anything. But if you are asking what games I dislike, I would say League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty / Battlefield series.

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    League of Legends all the way, don't see why people play it when there are better alternatives

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    Does Borderlands count? I never understood why people liked it

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    All MOBA games
    All Call of Duty games
    All Battlefield games
    All Halo games
    All Assassins Creed games after 2
    Most Street Fighter games
    All sports games (seriously, if you want sports grab a ball and go outside)
    All Final Fantasy games after 6
    Kingdom Hearts HOLY FUC4392t3hpqjnq9qpo4ijg30.
    All Metal Gear games
    Most games with a movie license

    Really hating so many things is an art form, i'm sure there's more.

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    Dunno if it's mainstream so much as the subject of a very devoted niche, but I cannot for the life of me play Dark Souls for more than three minutes.

    Had the same problem with the original Deus Ex, haven't tried the sequels though.

    Also, Morrowind and Oblivion - I admire many things about these games and yet keep putting them down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    Does Borderlands count? I never understood why people liked it
    I really wanted to like that game, lots of good things about it but... at its core it's stuck in the 90s where D2's loot system and skill trees were still a good idea. The sequel fixed nothing.

    Quickly turned into an extremely repetitive loot sorting game, where 1,000 things drop, none of which are an upgrade. Including the purples, which are worse than your blues. And tedious inventory management. Seriously sucked the fun right out of running and gunning, the game's strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krawu View Post
    Kingdom Hearts HOLY FUC4392t3hpqjnq9qpo4ijg30.
    I only played the first one, it seemed like such a cool offbeat idea, but the beyond insipid level design ruined it for me. Gave up halfway through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taftvalue View Post
    Call of Duty.
    I hate to get on bandwagons but I found the single player campaigns horribly tedious because of the stupid infinite respawn mechanic (like this is an arcade game from the 80s) and I've never much cared for multiplayer FPS unless you're playing with friends.
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    Mass Effect 1 (Gameplay, especially the vehicles is just horrible. Tried to complete it for the story twice, never did)
    Star Craft 2 (ugly and it just "feels" like a 10 year old game, which is nice for the nostalgic fans, but I hate it)
    Minecraft (never understood the appeal. It's just so hideous)
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    Bioshock is really the only game I hated.

    Games I simply can't stand playing but I'm more than happy watching:
    Dark Souls
    Final Fantasy
    Bioware games
    God of War
    Gears of War
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    Most FPS games due to community (CoD if you desperately need a name)
    LoL (Summoner's Rift gold grind until the fight starts, otherwise awful community)
    Minecraft and ARPGs to WATCH, they can be fun to play but are the epitome of watching paint dry boring

    Additional specific rambling:

    Just about any game where you get random matchmaking because people are shit, can't fault the games themselves on that. Might dislike or be indifferent towards other games, but my hate is pretty much limited to generic FPS as being boring, requiring no skill packaged with awful communities.

    I used to like the long back and forth farm game in Summoner's Rift for LoL, but it's overly repetitive when the farm phase often lasts 20-40m until the fun begins and then you get wiped to restart another long farm session with awful people on your team. (playing with friends is great though, even if laning phase is a downright snoozefest.)

    Some games are a blast to play, but are really dull to watch. This generally involves ARPGs where you can't see much and the atmosphere is not as flashy. The nature of the games being very grindy doesn't help in wanting to watch combined with near 0 surprises. I haven't played Minecraft, although I do like creating things so I'm sure it is decent for what it's intended to be. That said if it's not a short video showing me your badass creation then forget it. It's mind numbing to watch the live process before projects are completed.

    Surprised there's not more Hearthstone replies. The game is filled with RNG, even if it does have some "skill" variance. Mostly the game plays smooth, is fairly easy to understand and has flashy animations/visuals. This is a game that visually works well for streaming and recorded videos alike which is a stark contrast to other grind games.

    I'm sure it'll get mentioned so I'll throw WoW out there too. I'd say more people enjoy playing this game than watching it. The most competitive avenues of this game are mostly boring to watch which doesn't do it favors. There is a huge reason WoW arena bombed after initially taking off popular in streams and tournaments. It's not easy to follow and looks like a mess on screen, not to mention poor tournament resources and general PvP imbalances. BGs can be fun to watch if the player is mobile and not sitting at a flag/base defending. Progression raiding is excessive wiping which will easily turn viewers away and most other content isn't worth streaming.

    I assume this thread is mostly just gauging what mainstream games people hate to play, but I think there are probably different answers regarding if a game is fun to watch and if it's fun to play.

    TLDR; Some games are fun to play and decent functionally, but are an eyesore to watch. Other games are excellent for viewing regardless of personal interest in said game. 99% of random matchmaking makes multiplayer focused games cancerous to play regardless if a game plays well or not.
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    Shooters only on consoles
    Sports games
    Grand Theft Auto (Saint's Row all the way tho)
    Any of those recent 'survivalPvP' games, such as Rust or DayZ. Maybe that genre will suck less in the future.

    Can't really think of anything else at the moment, and all of these are general dislikes, can't really say I 'hate' any game.

    Edits: Can't believe I forgot these, but first off, Assassin's Creed. Played the first two, and other than naval combat, game hasn't changed at all. I have a friend that excitedly tells me about each upcoming game in the series and always have to tell him I had my fall out with it years ago.

    Next, Skyrim. Was a HUGE fan of Morrowind and Oblivion, but Skyrim just felt so watered-down to me after the previous games allowed me to nerd out over stats and such so much. Setting wasn't really my cup of tea, either, since I know of much more interesting locales from being a fan of the previous two games. (Read all the books and everything; I love that universe.) I'm hopeful for the next installment in the franchise. I would play ESO more but don't think it's worth the sub. (That game isn't mainstream OR popular, won't see it mentioned in this thread outside of my post, lol)

    Will probably update my post as I remember even more :P
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    Don't think I hate any video games, but some disappointed me:

    League of Legends - Did the tutorial. To me it seemed like warcraft with only your hero as playable character. Was very underwhelmed, but I guess I have to play a while.
    Uncharted (first game) - Played far into the game, but never finished it. It was alright, but fighting was clunky, graphics were outdated at the time I played it, and it was generally weak gameplay wise compared to Assassins Creed.
    Double Dragon on the Atari 2600. It was shit compared to the amiga version. I don't know what I expected, but I was a small child at the time

    And some I don't have any interest of playing:

    Pokemon games - I was just old enough to miss the whole thing. I know nothing about it part from the characters, levels, music and items that pop up in the Smash Brothers games. I'm sure they are great games, because they get such praise but I think that you have to be knowledgeable about that universe to enjoy them in that degree.
    Call of duty - Back when they were ww2-games, I preferred Day of Defeat in multiplayer. I will say that MW2 was a great single player game. But in multiplayer I prefer games like Team Fortress 2.
    Hearthstone - I'm not into card games. I prefer boardgames if I'm gonna play traditional games.
    Phone games - I really enjoyed angry birds, death rally, worms etc when I first got my phone, but now I don't travel that much, so I just use spotify instead and leave gaming at home.
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    Most shooters in general. And the more popular console games like Assasins Creed, GTA and such. And games where you have to respond quickly, i like the more strategic type.

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    League of Legends, Minecraft, Call of Duty 3+...

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    I don't really hate any game, there are many I dislike because of certain features or how it's been developed, or even how poorly it's optimised, but I don't hate any of those games. I understand their value in the community.

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