View Poll Results: Which MMORPG expansions will you be playing?

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  • Warlords of Draenor

    49 72.06%
  • Delta Rising

    0 0%
  • Shadow of Revan

    7 10.29%
  • Nightmare Tide

    3 4.41%
  • Other

    9 13.24%
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    Question Expansions Time! Which Updated MMORPG will you be Playing this Fall?

    Q3 2014; the year of MMORPG expansions. (Were talking major updates toa game, not a small patch). Which willy you be playing, and why?
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    Literally never heard of any of those other games so that is why

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    WoD of course, I might try and get back into RIFT for a little bit, if Wildstar goes F2P then I'll 100% pick that up also been meaning to try FFXIV at some point.

    They don't all fit your expansion criteria (I have no idea what the games in your poll are), but that's what I'll be doing in the next few months.
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    FF XIV patch 2.4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knadra View Post
    Literally never heard of any of those other games so that is why
    Same here.

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    wod without any frigging doubt

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    Going to have a look at the story content in the swtor one but not much more than that.

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    No love for EverQuest in this poll? Altar of Malice. Why? Because EQ2 is great game.

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    Too many other games being released this year. Don't have the time for MMOs anymore.

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    Most probably will keep on playing ESO as far as MMOs go.

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    Shadow of Revan + ArcheAge Auroria. Will eventually play WoD but not until next year.

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    WoW or Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn.

    If I can find the time in between all the other releases thar are soon upon us. Seriously, it's like these companies have a big meeting once a year, where they coordinate the relases. "Okay, Novermber will be No-Sleep Month. All in favour say 'MONNEH!'."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marthenil View Post
    Most probably will keep on playing ESO as far as MMOs go.
    Same for me.
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    Shadow of Revan for sure! I just re-subbed this morning actually.

    The customer service was so awesome this morning. I called them at 6:18am EST, talked to an actual human being who spoke perfect English. Solved my authenticator problem in 11:08 minutes. No hold, no waiting- the only hiccup was me trying to recall my password.

    Good game, good service. Story looks cool too.

    I'm in.

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    FFXIV, it gives me everything i want out an mmo and keeps adding more on. In terms of sub games alone i get the most fun out of it than any other.

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    lol maybe the worse poll list ever to hit the forums....other shows this to be true

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    Warlords for sure...

    That and the new Guild Wars 2 Living Story season 2.

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    I think I'll try out the new Rift expansion, see what they have come up with this time
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