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    Mobile gaming question.

    Now, I'm not really big on mobile gaming, but it's really daunting trying to look for games on the markets since they're insanely flooded, and top ten or twenty lists consist of the same games.

    So, can anyone give me some advice on what is worth playing? I like all genres mostly, and I have a current iPad, and a s6. Please help! I have hardware but am not using it to its potential.

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    In my opinion, the best games to play on mobile are via emulators for the SNES, NES, Genesis, Master System, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced and NDS.

    Square also remakes a lot of their older PS1 and SNES titles for mobile. These are kinda pricey but they are the full game- so that 60-80 hour adventure is still the same 60-80 adventure it was in 1992. Just mobile.

    A few good games I enjoyed were: Fallout Shelter, Hearthstone, Monument Valley, Heaven Strike Rivals, Star Wars The Old Republic, Baldur's Gate and End of Aspirations.

    I bought a $30 Bluetooth classic Nintendo-like controller that works with most mobile games flawlessly and works with PC too. Very easy to store and carry around- not bulky at all. Long battery life per charge. It's precious.
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    Thanks fencers appreciate it.

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    Depends if you are after free stuff or games for cash.

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    The only two games I play on my iPad nowadays are Hearthstone and Chess. Both are free to play.
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    I picked up vice city for my android, worked like a charm, really enjoyed the controls tbh, san andreas was a clusterfuck tho!
    I'd recommend you pick up an ipega gamepad, they're quite comfy and works really well for PSP emulators, PS1
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