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    Tera's awesome F2P and giant FU to SWToR in video

    Yet again, a smaller developer has done what EA-ware could not. Come up with a F2P system that works. I still do not understand why EA-ware did not take the same approach as Tera - http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/t...ntent-for-free

    I reckon the only people left playing SWToR will be people who are fans of Star Wars-isque genre. From all accounts the paying playerbase of SWToR is also horrible to the F2P players but then they support the people at EA, these are not really the kind of people one wants to associate with anyways.

    Watch the Tera F2P video, it also gives a giant F** You to SwToR way of doing things.

    I will probably get banned again for this but totally worth it. This is how good gaming developers act, not like the greedy scum at EA-ware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by igame View Post
    Not sure what your goal is?

    Good luck whatever it may be.

    Jamus (one of the paying playerbase of TOR)
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusher View Post
    There is plenty to criticize with the game and BioWares handling of it without resorting to exaggeration, so let's not do it : /

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    You are like... days late to the party. We already covered this in 2 other threads.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamos77 View Post
    Not sure what your goal is?

    Good luck whatever it may be.

    Jamus (one of the paying playerbase of TOR)
    Just report and move on man. Best advice I can give.

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    Closing due to obvious Game vs game thread. Also we have various threads already discussing various things about the F2P system.

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