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    Quote Originally Posted by Zinnin View Post
    Just quick example of that filled out my toon would be:

    (((912 + 43587.306) * 2.1 ) * 1.2156 ) * 1.3442 or 2.0327 for Meta
    yeh just worked it out ty ^^.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zinnin View Post
    So quick breakdown on a random opener for me:
    I assume cutting SBs doesn't affect meta uptime too much with reduced fury costs in the opener?
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    I prefer to use GoServ/DS before going into meta, waiting until meta to pop DS (after a few seconds of DPS uptime) usually causes my second Expanded Mind to proc before DS comes off CD.

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    Demonology's Simcraft profile made a jump with recent changes. Not sure what exactly was changed but the priority list is a lot neater.

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