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    After 3 fresh installs of WoWs, 2 new HDDs and 2 different computers.. I have 33. I use to have thousands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    here a img to validate my comment :P
    I like the destination folder they are saved in. E:/plop.


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    Over the past 4 years I have ~3000. Lost any I had before that though.

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    Screenshots taken: 9214

    Almost 7 GB on my harddrive now

    I recently sorted them by year

    EDIT: didnt account for recent SS´s. Number updated

    This is my very first one. Note the chat hehe

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    I have around 7000 screen shots from vanilla to current. If i get enough time ill come back to this thread with a youtube video of some of the more scenic and personal moments ive had on azeroth (and outlands)
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    1200ish, that's from half-way through TBC up until end of wotlk. Lost my vanilla screenshots, was probably about 400 there.
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    Before my old cpu died I use to have 10 folders fill with 1000's of guild screen shots. Yeah I took picture of every guild moment.

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    Taken over 9000, got about 12 now.

    4 computers, 8 years.

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    I only screen shot silly things and hardmode achievements with guild back when I raided. Oh and transmog stuffs, not too many, couple hundred over the years.

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    Thousands since TBC. I went batshit insane with it back then, but most are still on my old PC.

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    I've taken 5 and fairly certain that 2 may have been from trying to enable scroll lock due to misaligned finger placement.

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    593 atm, but have had changed harddrive or had error, resulting in format 2-3 times. I did have more SS's back then... Id reckon id taken around 1500 all in all.

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    I lost a lot of Screens from my old desktop. From 2009 till now i have over 700. A lot of them are guild chat jokes, trade chat jokes and recount numbers.
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    15,757 screenshots

    4.62 GB

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    Here's my screenshots folder, I usually split them up every 3 - 4 months or so, a few are unsorted but that's all I have. I know I have lost about 3 months worth due to an old dying HDD, sadly.

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    Before and after the cataclysm I took photos of my favorite places that were hit and for a little while I had an add on that auto SS'd whenever I competed an achievement or leveled I've lost quite a few over many comp meltdowns and reinstalls but overall I'd go with the 100-199 bracket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilbruz View Post
    Screenshots taken: 9214

    Almost 7 GB on my harddrive now

    I recently sorted them by year

    EDIT: didnt account for recent SS´s. Number updated

    This is my very first one. Note the chat hehe

    * cries


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    I remember having at least 3-4000 screenshots back in Vanilla, and they were then saved as .tif with a size ranging from 2-10 MB. Took a lot during TBC as well, but after that it has slowed down somewhat. So it should be around 8-9000 screenshots total over 8 years.

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    I'm sure it's 1000++ but I delete them every 1-2 years, so I cannot count.

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