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    Purge Question

    Pvp noob here with a couple questions about purge because I never know who to purge and if I do purge I never know if I acually removed something.
    What all can be purged?
    What classes should i look for to that has the most purge able stuff?
    Umm yea thats about it.....cheers

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    well there are addons that show what you purged and what can be purged, and what you want to purge are pretty much casters and healers, you cant take much buffs from warriors, hunters or rogues anyway, im prety sure you want to spam purge on resto druids, all kinds off priests and should have an eye on mages they have pretty kinky stuff that can be purged most of the time

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    Best targets are casters. Priests are reliant on their shield to absorb damage same with mages. Resto druids heals are all magic effects so they will be shut down easily when being purged/dispelled/spell stolen. Also look to purge procs like brain freeze, lava surge mind spike they do good dmg and are instant.
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    shaman friend for example is an addon that allows u to see what has been purged.

    as a non resto shaman: purge everything that can be purged removing a buff thats worth 50 k aborb or heal is as strong as a 50 k attack. Removing the megarofl i onehit u cd (icy veins, dark soul ) is pure win.

    purging heavily relies on your role. As a resto, u will find yourself oom too soon with consta purging.
    Use it as support in high dmg phases against casters (priest / mage) or to remove druid /priest / shaman heals.
    For druids, their bloom gets them mana back if dispelled, so use it with thought. dont purge lifebloom if target wont die, its better to have your mate switch target once lifebloom and full hots are up.
    Sometimes its even ok to purge pala mastery shields to force a bubble. but remember, purging is very expensive, and if the offensive investment doesnt force some major cds, u will be behind.

    Ferals also force u to purge their instant cyclone procs. They are very brutal, and every single predatory swiftness u might have purged, will allow your team to stay alive 6 seconds longer. But it will oom you, but without dispelling the procs, someone will die due to insta cyclone + feral rape burst, i have seen my dk dying 100-0 in a single cyclone on me, with tranq totem and some dk cds up..

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    Purging a feral druid's predatory swiftness is also a good thing, some of them still try to use cyclone, even though it's not instant, and thus come out of form for a sec. This goes for other instant cast stuff as well, a shaman's ancestral swiftness or a druid's nature swiftness can be purged and by doing so you can avoid instant CC, or an instant big heal, which puts a lot of pressure on said shaman/ druid.

    I play with a Spriest, so removing fear ward from the enemy team if they have a priest also helps a ton. (same goes for locks, anything with a fear really)

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    main outliers are paladin wings, mage icy veins, time warp (in BGs), etc and procs like insta cyclone on druids.
    You can't purge wings anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuzzin View Post
    Pvp noob here with a couple questions about purge because I never know who to purge and if I do purge I never know if I acually removed something.
    What all can be purged?
    What classes should i look for to that has the most purge able stuff?
    Umm yea thats about it.....cheers
    The best way is to play with the default unitframes. I personally use 'addon control panel' where you can save a selection of addons to profiles. I have one for pvp and one for pve (where I use different mods to track stuff, and use for example shadowred unit frames). It only takes a reload to activate them.

    Anyway, reason why I say this is that the default unitframes displays purgeable buffs with a highlight. Even if you don't know what each buff means by just seeing the icon, as long as you see highlighted buffs you can spam your purge. It's both very effective if you are still new to pvp, and you will learn very fast to see what buffs your target has. And not only the buffs, as you will also start to look for debuffs. It's like when you are bored in a traffic jam on the highway and start to look around for hot chicks in cars, you'll learn a whole lot about cars at the same time. Unit frames addons are not the very best at displaying buffs/debuffs and what is purgeable or not in a clear way.

    Really, use the default unit frames for pvp and learn to watch whats happening buff/debuff wise is the best advice I can give you. After a couple of bgs/games you will go to wowhead an look up the spell that you just purged to see what it actually does. Next time you see that icon you know if it's worth it or not.

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