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    ATT mobile hotspot and raiding


    Does anyone have any experience raiding (10m) using an ATT mobile hotspot as their net-connection?

    Our offtank has terribad latency issues (even after "installing" Leatrix) and we're not sure if there's anything we can do to help him. We'd prefer to not bench him b/c he is quite skilled.

    Any tips/tricks/feedback would be appreciated.

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    Ive used my tethering with ATT and about all i could do is dailies and a 5 man with a decent amount of latency issues. My friend picked up one of the 4g mifis or whatever theyre called and he could play with about ~300ms latency and could quest, dungeons were semi laggy, I wouldnt think about raiding with it, and in vent it was so choppy he ended up downloading the vent app on his phone just to talk lol.
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