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    Depends on what it looks like. If something is crazy nice, and I can afford it, I will get it.

    Saying that, the UK is actually quite good for cheap good looking clothes (H&M, River Island, Topshop/man, ASOS).

    Having said that, I have spent £130 on a pair of moleskin trousers XD
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    Never have. Closest I have gotten would be £70~ for a full suit.

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    My coat is worth just over £100, and I'd probably spend over £100 on cosplay/crossplay clothing.
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    Not unless jackets count. I'd much rather have 3-4 articles of clothing than 1 really expensive bit. Or just 1 cheap bit of clothing and nothing expensive because I'm a student.

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    I spent £175 on my old coat, it lasted me nearly ten years though, I only replaced it before Christmas. I spent £200 on the one I replaced it with, it was down from £350. Other than those two items nothing ever else has come close to £100 for a single item.

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    no, most expsensive i ever spent was about £60 on a jacket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    If a piece of clothing costs more than $25, it's not worth getting.
    thats like saying if a meal costs more than 25$ its not worth getting.

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    aside from jackets and shoes, my limit is usually no more than £20 a tshirt,about £40 for a jumper, and leggings about £30. unless its something i really like i dont usually spend more than that.
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    All of my formal shirts cost more than that, most of my ties as well. Suits of course do.

    That pretty much sums up my wardrobe. I don't really wear jeans that often but if I do they are around the 80 pound mark for the ones I have. Belts and shoes are well over 100 pounds as well.

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    Wow. No of course not. The closest thing to that price are my suits. But they are a full suit. I'm a husky guy and jackets and sneakers are at most $80.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defengar View Post
    thats like saying if a meal costs more than 25$ its not worth getting.
    Exactly. 25$ for one person? No thanks, not when I can get a full on meal for less than 10$ on McDonalds or just buying noodles or something. No need to go crazy on the restaurant.

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    Not on summer clothes, but coats usually cost much more then 100 bucks. The coat I currently have was $100 but it's ugly as hell.

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    Personally I wouldn't as I don't really have need to. But I can see how someone else would. Specific formal wear etc.

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    Not counting outerwear, I probably only have about three or four things over that price. A cycling/running jersey, some slacks, and that's about it.

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    Suit pants/jacket, jackets, shoes, watches, yes, but shirts and pants/shorts? Lol. No.
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    I cant imagine spending 100 bucks or more on a piece of clothing, like jeans. Its fun to watch GMA or some morning shows, and they claim a pair of 85$ high heels are a "great price!". Yeah a great price for rich celebs or idiots who blow their welfare check on name brand shit.

    The only time I can see spending that kind of money on clothes would be a winter coat. And it better be amazing at keeping water out, be down-filled, and look and feel comfy.

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    I haven't bought clothes in 20 years or so. I have no clue where my clothes come from to be honest.

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    Jacket (last one I bought): $900
    Shoulder bag (last one I bought): $700
    Shirts: $150-200
    Jeans/Chinos: $200-250
    Sweaters: $200-500
    Ties/Belts: $100-200

    It is also worth mentioning that I live in Denmark and every single commodity is extremely expensive here; especially clothing.

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    Short answer: Yes.

    T-shirts, underwear and socks are things that I'd never spend 100€ on, but everything else? Sure. Although it's very rare that I'd buy a shirt for over 100€.

    Pants (Chinos/Jeans), jackets and sweaters that I buy are pretty much always above 100€ original price, though I tend to buy stuff when it's on sale which often lowers the price below 100€. For example, the jacket I usually wear had an original price of 280€ but I got it for 70€. I do have quite a few other sweaters and jackets etc that cost me more than 100€ though.
    None of the shoes I've bought in the last few years have had an original price below 100€.

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    On jackets sure.

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