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    a bright grey color with a kinda green circle around the pupil. They look boring : /

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    Mine are blue.
    I think they're beautiful and awesome.

    I wouldn't change a thing.

    Too bad I have frequent eye problems and may one day go blind because of them.

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    I got Amber eye colour but in the winter they look more brownish and in the summer more orange/yellowish.
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    Brown eyes always wanted blue though -.-

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    Eyes are blue, but around the pupil it's green.
    No I wouldn't change them, people think they're cool

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    Blue grey with an almost yellow ring near the pupil. Strangely enough my eyes tend to go more blue during the summer to the point of having almost fully blue eyes, also had them tint to green as well.

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    I get compliments often because of my eyes, I don't find them too special.

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    My eyes are green with flecks of yellow in them.

    Some days they appear grey. I have no idea why.

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    Green with a bit Grey-ish saturation maybe. They're okay because I like green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bingbongbrothers View Post
    Same but without the yellowish.

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    brown with black circle.....

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    Blue eyes with a freckle in my left eye, no lie.

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    Dark grey eyes tend to appear to change colour between blue, green and grey. Mine are dark grey eyes with yellow around the centre.
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    Dark brown eyes.

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    Dark blue outer, ice blue inner.
    Wish I had a decent camera around to post them, I love me eyes.

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    Very light bright blue..

    I cant see anything without wearing sunglasses during sunny days so it's not that great

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    Green-ish eyes, would not change

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    Brown in the shade, hazel when exposed to light.
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    WTB poll. General plain brown.

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