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Thread: Do you care...

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    Do you care...

    ...about how looks icons of item you have or you dont even care about that things. I know maybe will someone say I am mad but i really care about icons of items. Sometimes I rather have lowest ilv item with much better looking icon, then item which have icon like item drop from some mobs in Mulgore. And what do you think who is in blizzard response for that stuff (choosing icons for items), bcs some great stuff have really bad and awaful icon.


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    Not really. What's the point of it? No one sees them but you and the gear you wear/transmog to is far more important visually...
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    Not really sure what to think about this post... or rather I feel "why?"

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    Icons must make sense, so you easily can find your stuff in the bags.. WAY MORE IMPORTANT than gear looks..
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    The only icon i've had a problem with was when I was leveling my hunter - always using steady shot, then boom im high level and need to use cobra shot instead. it felt cluncy and wrong to use it so I ended up puttin steady shots icon on my cobra shot ability.. but thats about it lol.

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    i only care when 2 item have the same icon and i delete 1 of them (and always, of course, the wrong one) by mistake... TT

    but i do like to look at them since, irl, im somewhat an icon artist XD

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    No, i dont care, it's just annoying if an icon doesn't match with the item/ability but they usually do.

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    I am already amazed by how much they can do with the extremely small number of pixels available.

    Also, if this is about spells and abilities; macro them and give them a different icon. It's what I did with my Paladin and Priest
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    The only time the icon matters to me is when two or three items use very similar icons like motes of harmony, shiny battle pet cleaner, and motes of mana. They look just similar enough that I need to slow down and hover over the icon to read what it is.

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    Was something I cared about when I first started playing. I don't really care anymore


    wait a minute... what the fuck? it's a bikini! BULLSHENANIGANS.
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    Never really paid much attention towards icons of items, maybe a bit more towards icons of abilities and if they match the ability itself but never enough to be annoyed by it. The visual look of my gear is something definitely more important for me.
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    I really don't care about icons. I mean what's the point? No one is going to inspect you be all like "Man, that guy's icons suck! I'd rather not be playing with him!"

    With that being said I prefer the old Stormstrike icon to the current one.

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    Icon-not agree. They're just icons. The wife gets annoyed if her pets don't look like their icon though.

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    The icons are gorgeous, but I don't particularly care what they are except when I am making macros or item sets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    Was something I cared about when I first started playing. I don't really care anymore


    wait a minute... what the fuck? it's a bikini! BULLSHENANIGANS.
    I read this and snorted before giggling like a kid.. so thanks for making me laugh!

    I always did raise an eyebrow sometimes myself when something dropped and you would see the icon, like a weapon say, that looked like some particular type of design say.. and then when you equip the item it actually has no bearing towards the icon at all. Found it odd

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    I like the silly icons. Like the polymorph rabbit spell.

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    I care of how spell icons looks (not to much but still i care), but items? naaaa, i just like them to be different so i can know what is what when i check my bag.

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    I actually kinda do. I added the farm Master Plow to one of my addons (Opie), for faster use, but that horrible icon was bothering me so much I tinkered with the addon a little bit to change it into something else. Now it looks like a patch of earth with a fissure accros it.

    This is what the icon normally looks like: http://www.wowhead.com/item=89815
    This is what it looks like on my screen: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=89513

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    No, I don't... Really care too much. =/ I don't, personally, think it makes much of a significant difference.

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    I don't generally care about icons on armour/weapons, though it's annoying selling stuff and realising you sold something you needed which shared an icon with junk you also have xD but spell icons are a completey different matter. I care about the appearence of my spells in both icon and animation - I honestly find using spells with no animation completely and utterly boring.
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