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    Quote Originally Posted by Aettis View Post
    Tip: No, you do not look good wearing mix-matched tier sets and weapons.
    Tip: Don't give a damn what anyone else thinks of your transmog gear, if you like it, thats all that matters.

    Tip: This game is full of players that think themselves better than others. Use the ignore function.


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    Tip: 1st rule of warcraft: Don't stand in shit. 2nd rule of warcraft: see rule #1.

    Tip: If you die in raid because you broke rule #1, alt+f4 and yell about your lag in vent.
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    "You take 4,994,468 boredom damage from daily quests.... You have died."

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Tip: Leveling in Hellfire in a PVP server may result in you yelling at your monitor in addition to you making a forum post about it please keep this in mind.
    This. hahahaha Used to happen with me a lot, but I never created a forum post about that.

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    Tip: Go go go go go go go go

    Tip: Hi I'm Garrosh, welcome to Jackass
    How I feel about healers that try to DPS

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    Tip: Be comfortable with your keybinds!

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    Tip: Clicking ish for noobsh ...hic!

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