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    Fury T1 PVP power stacking?

    Just read an article saying that PVP Power does not stack on TG 2H in PVP.
    Is that so? I was saving for another T1 weapon to go fury and see how it goes...but now...meh.
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    They do not. PvE Mainhand and PvP offhand would be the way to go if you were.
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    That is reason why im playing 1h pvp. And burst with 1h is higher to. And i got upgraded 1hand for my FC gear setup
    What sucks is that you need extra 1500 conquest points to upgrade your offhand...... WTF blizzard. Casters dont need to do that.
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    No, they do not.

    That is why beside the PvP Power on the weapon, it is labeled as "Unique". On the plus side, that means if you are a PvE Hero, you can use your dragon slaying axe in your mainhand and still get the benefit of the PvP Power in your offhand.
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    but what will happen with the new season weapon? will the old weapon share with the new weapon?

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