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    What have you won from Grand Charms?

    Heroic Shin'ka
    Normal Starshatter

    N Darkmist d/ed
    N Orders d/ed

    H Protectors neck
    H Garajal neck
    H Misshaped shoulders
    H Tier Shoulders
    H Vizier Cloak
    X2 Tier hands off SoA
    H Tier hands d/ed
    H Blade lord ring d/ed
    H Tsulong ring
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    The LFR bow from Will of the Emperor

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    LFR and N Tier Chest
    N Impaling Treads
    N Tier Legs
    N Darkmist Vortex

    aka shit luck

    edit: Gratz on Sha and H Shinka Anaxie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runewrath View Post
    LFR and N Tier Chest
    N Impaling Treads
    N Tier Legs
    N Darkmist Vortex

    aka shit luck

    edit: Gratz on Sha and H Shinka Anaxie!
    Thanks! Fitting reward for finishing the tier

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    Heroic tier helmet, heroic tier chest, heroic Lei Shen, heroic garalon neck.
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    Mostly a bunch of crap I already had/didn't need (and of course lots of "Gold!") but I DID win the Normal version of the Fist weapon that drops off Garajal the other day with my charm roll. Huge upgrade, felt even cooler to get it off a charm.
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    Never won a single thing off of the Charms =( Besides gold, of course. It evens out I guess though, because I've gotten multiple items from LFR anyway. Still, always saving a charm for Sha =3 That mount is so gorgeous.
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    Got our first kill on Heroic WotE this week, used my coin, loot came up! I was excited for about half a second thinking I had won the trinket, before pants came up and I remembered he dropped other loot

    I did however get my 2pc from 1 Sha of Anger run, on the second week of MoP. Didn't even know he dropped tier at the time ><

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    Normal Tier Shoulders
    Heroic Tier Gloves

    lost count of how many have yielded nothing

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    HC nullification, normal Shin'ka, both items from Gara'jal HC, Belt from Blade Lord normal

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    On my hunter I got 4 items in one life run, got tier shoulders and I think it was gloves from one run using charms. That's basically it though
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    I haven't won a single thing besides LFR Darkmist Vortex, which got replaced a day later by Relic of Xuen.
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    N Starshatter
    N Lei Shin's Final Orders
    N T14 Legs & Gloves off Sha of Anger
    3x LFR T14 Helm

    I've won more, but those are the ones I remember. I think I usually get an item 1/4 times.

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    belt blade lord normal
    mv boots normal
    mv cloak normal
    mv starshatter lfr and normal
    shin'ka normal

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    H Nullification
    H Cloak of Peacock Feathers
    H Waistplate of Overwhelming Assault
    H Hisek's Chrysanthemum Cape
    H Conq Gloves
    LFR Jang-Xi's Devastating Legplates (First week it was out, dear god was it helpful for first week release of MSV heroics for Gara'jal)

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    I only do LFR, but I've won LFR tier legs and chest, Shink,ka, Lei-shin's, Darkmist Vortex and one of the belts from ToES. pretty sad for alot of weeks of using tokens.

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    N Jasper Clawfeet
    N Chest Token

    ive been raiding since the first week of MSV and were halfway through heroic modes now so.. yeah...

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    Heroic Tier Gloves
    Heroic Tier Shoulders
    Heroic Waistplate of Overwhelming Assasult (Vendored)
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    LFR Starshatter x2
    LFR Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion
    LFR Battleplate of Resounding Rings
    LFR Lei Shen's Final Orders
    N Lei Shen's Final Orders
    N Legplates of Resounding Rings
    N Starcrusher Gauntlets x2 (pretty pissed about it)

    Not a bad spread, considering I don't even do dailies anymore and haven't since I became revered with Shieldwall. Daily activity was still very low before then.
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