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    [A] - <Aquila> - Hellscream - 14/14HC - Recruiting for WoD

    So with Warlords of Draenor on the horizon we're looking to start recruiting for 20 man mythic raiding. Recruitment is largely focused on WoD however we will try to get you in some raid time while SoO is still current.

    What we're looking for
    We'll look at absolutely all good applications. We're particularly interested in the following;
    Tank - Prot Warrior or Prot Paladin
    Monk - Windwalker
    Druid - Moonkin
    Priest - Shadow
    Warlock - Maybe

    We'll look at all apps regardless of class or spec.However with the exception of the Windwalker Monk melee positions are close to full.

    We're not overly bothered about gearing - particularly given we'll be leveling ofc! We're more interested in experience both old and new. If you've never stepped foot in an heroic mode I'm afraid we're probably not the guild for you. We'd like to see you have experience of heroic raiding, particularly more recent ones - while they were/are current. If you consider having heroic experience includes recently getting Deathwing heroic as a level 90 in flex gear, well again we're probably not the guild for you.

    Currently we raid Wednesday, Sunday and Monday (but this not set in stone for WoD) from 20:50 till 00:00 gametime. We sometimes run some flex with alts/mains on Fridays.

    What do we offer
    Aquila has been around since April 2007. In fact we still have raiders/officers who played together in the guild from which Aquila was created, Divine Protectors. That guild was formed in 2005 soon after Hellscream was brought online. So we actually have one of the oldest raiding cores on the realm - continuously raiding in every xpac.

    Since TBC we've maintained a high realm rank. I do caution that this isn't something we proactively push for - we do our best and what comes from that, comes from that. So if you're the sort of person that likes lots epics or want to scream you're realm no.1 and get upset if you're not, again, we're not the guild for you!

    We maintain (or try to maintain!) a well stocked guild bank; pots, flasks, food, elixirs, gems, enchants, crafting mats, etc. All members are actively encouraged to make use of (and contribute towards) the bank. All repairs are paid for from guild bank funds. We also try and help out with any "core item" needs - so trinkets, legendary materials, etc.

    We have our own dedicated server on which we run our website and mumble server. And we welcome friends of members who wish to make use of said mumble be it for WoW or other games.

    We're (typically!) a friendly bunch and willing to help with achievements, old school raids, flex, etc. when we can.

    If this sounds interesting please visit our website, register and make an application! Thanks for reading.

    aquilaguild .com - will post the link once I am able too...
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    Get up there you! More WW Monks

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    Last few spots are being filled for WoD, still open through for Hunter/Boomking. Cloth casters is a maybe but never the less don't hesitate, all apps will be looked at with equel value

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