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    [H]Stormrage- Ruthless Recruiting for HC progress

    Dear all,

    Ruthless is a newly formed guild of Ex-Raiders in Stormrage-eu. Most of us unfortunately quit the game late wotlk and/or early cata. We have been back and started normal 5-6 weeks ago seriously. With the changes to WoD mythic raiding, we want to see the end content and kill things when it matters. Currently however, we are still a 10 man team and we look forward to people or groups who are willing to join us if you wana have a chat, u can add me on Btag Ashkani#2133

    current progress is 1/14 HC

    Raiding Schedule:

    We have a 3 day raiding schedule that is more weekend focused.

    8-11 realm time ( we sometimes extend to 11:30 if we have the resources and we are close to kill)

    What are we looking for ?

    We look for players who enjoy the learning and progress; who do not mind wiping and are willing to learn.

    What do we expect from a player right now ?

    An understanding of your class and how to get the best of your toon and spec. If you have the gear to jump into normal raids, it will be a plus. We are currently progressing in Normal 10 man.

    What spots do we have open?

    For current progress, we are in need of 1 tank preferably Pala/Druid/Monk and 1 healer Priest/Druid for fresh HC progress.

    for mythic raiding however, most spots are open

    high priority for the following class/specs:

    Monk :healer/Dps/tank
    Priest: Shadow/Healer
    Paladin: Retribution/Tank
    Death Knight: DPS
    Shaman: Enhancement
    Druid: Balance/dps/tank

    If interested in more details, you u can Contact us in game with our chars.

    Ashkani (Btag ==> Ashkani#2133)

    to drop an application or to read the detailed information about the guild, please follow to


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    still recruiting. Almost concluding the current tier recruitment but some WoD spots are still open

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