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    Protection Warrior LF heroic (mythic) guild, 12/14 hc exp


    I can raid on any day at mostly anytime past 17:30 ST. I bring experience of both 10 and 25 man teams, guild leadership (as a long serving officer) & class leadership.

    Raiding experience includes all Normal raids since T13, (I was unable to partake in any raid due to the location i lived, i had horrible latency and was very unreliable however i have since moved back to the U.K and get a constant 20ms ping and never disconnect). I have been unable to get any good progress due to the lack of guilds on my current server of which is Anachronos EU (few are recruiting, even fewer for my role), however I trialed for a guild who needed a prot warrior in which i got my 12/14hc exp, i was unable to finish the trail due to real life events that lead me unable to attend the raids. However I am back and ready to raid at the times listed above.

    I don't mess around in raids, bring my own can consumables, read up tactics, watch videos, and do a little theory crafting and messing about to see what yields the best results. I take raiding very seriously and make sure that i am preforming to the best of my ability 100% of the time.

    Thanks you for reading this and potentially trialing me.
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    Edge of Fear - Hellscream is recruiting

    We're looking for skilled players to raid in a laid back atmosphere and to build up a core for Mythic raiding.
    Our HC SoO progress is 12/14 (10man)
    With 20 man raiding in Warlords of Draenor in mind, we are recruiting all classes. Especially tanks and healers.
    If you want to apply, talk to me [Mariusimo#2774] , Yuma or Ellesdee in game

    We raid on Monday, Wednesday, Sunday
    From 20.00 till 23.00 servertime

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