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    [A]The Shadowstalkers @ Argent Dawn HC SoO 10 man and WoD mythic raiding Recruitment!

    The Shadowstalkers on the server Argent Dawn are looking for dedicated members to join our raid team!

    We are a level 25 raid guild with a long history on Argent Dawn. We formed during The Burning Crusade and worked our way to the peak of 25 man raiding on Argent Dawn having achieved server firsts and having a lot of fun along the way! In Mists of Pandaria we moved to 10 man still aiming for heroic kills but trying to take a more relaxed and fun approach to raiding!

    We are now looking to expand our raid team in preparation for 20 man mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor! All classes and roles will be considered.
    We are also looking for ranged dps to join our current MoP 10 man raid team!
    Our current progression in SoO is 11/14 HC.

    What we expect and require of you when you join as a trialist in The Shadowstalkers:

    - You will remain a trialists for at least two raid lockouts.
    - We want trialists to join the guild during their trial period to see how they fit socially.
    - Trialists will not be eligible for loot over existing raiders during their trial period.

    About our raids:

    - We raid Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 until 23:00 server time.
    - We expect raiders to maintain good attendance.
    - We expect raiders to give us a heads up when they can't attend a raid.
    - All raiders must be able to use voice chat and speak English.

    In WoD we intend to start with the new flex raids before moving to and progressing through the Mythic content.

    Please visit http://shadowstalkers-alliance.enjin.com/ for more information and click to apply! (yes we like applications as it gives us a feel for people wanting to join the guild!)
    If you would like to discuss the guild further please poke me (Chizuko) or any of the other officers ingame who will be glad to chat!
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    Need those ranged dps!

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    In need of a healer aswell!

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    Gotta be some good dps out there!

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    Still recruiting for SoO!

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    Where is all the dps hiding?

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    Still have spots to fill for our WoD roster!
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