Hello raider!

We are an 18+ alliance guild called Sober Dwarf, based on EU-server Sylvanas. We raided 10man Heroics untill now. We were able to kill the first 10 bosses on Heroic level with a casual raiding schedule and light attendance. We feel now is the time to change that, expand into 25man raiding for WoD where we will switch into 20m Mythics.

We will expand via trialing our new recruits through Heroic 10 man. We cleared normals end december 2013 so we are well into Heroics by now. However to make such a transition smooth, think about trialing recruits too, we are however, still progressing in the meantime.

At the moment we only lack one Warlock, a Mage, a Rogue, and a Warrior that can play tank OS. Keep in mind all exceptional applies will be taken into consideration. We will then be 25m, however recruiting 5 more players to complete the 30man roster.

The first 25m heroic raid will be a fact juli the 23rd.

The team raids on:

- wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time

- thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Sever Time

- monday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time

You have to have an item level of at least 565 plus a full normal 14/14 clear and some Heroic kills. No exceptions on that. We will also expect you to be able to understand and play your off spec on the same level as your main spec.

If your apply is relevant you will be trialed by us, via cross realm if need be. This will take place in the form of you joining one of our raids, done on Heroic level. This can vary from 1 hour to the full 3 hour run.

We use teamspeak and all raiders will be/are recruited with this as a requirement. A mic will be a requirement for you aswell. We do not need any shy persons. HC end game content requires splendid teamwork so that automatically means using voice comms. This especially goes for healers and tanks.

On a side note I'll say that we will also not tolerate any kind of raidlogging. If you are from another server willing transfer to us, take that into good consideration if you for example love to play many alts aswell.

For loot distribution we use a Loot Council system consisting of the 2 Raidleaders and top officer. Whenever needed they will look into a certain situation to come forth with a solution. However this never has been the case so far, with simple logic and /rolls we are able to distribute the loot fairly via Masterloot. Who gets what loot should always benefit the team the most.

We have a very friendly, social and mature gaming environment. I take my job to protect that environment in the guild very seriously. The way we recruit is with high standarts regarding personality and characteristics. We will not ever allow drama or any immature behaviour here. All our raiders understand that and have been recruited with this message of respect. Though, a raid without jokes laughter and fun is no raid, we get that and maintain a good amount of all that to compensate the hard work and high levels of concentration we put forth.

If you feel like it, add my battle tag so we can have a talk. I can answer any question you have and clearify more about what this place and our family can offer you.

Battletag: Milan#2761 Charachters I play alot: Luriofax, Lurio, Lurofax

I look foward to meet you

Milan, Luriofax

Guildmaster / Raidleader, Sober Dwarf

You can keep on reading below to get more of a feeling about who we are, what we do and what we stand for, as pretty much all about the guild is explained there in a nutshell.



We are an Alliance guild based on Eu-server Sylvanas. We are always looking for active, social, friendy and mature players.

My best IRL friend and I formed the guild and not long after we got our first members it started to become a nice place. Now, almost a year further, a lot has improved and we can now proudly say Sober Dwarf is the home of at the moment around 100 unique players. We are even more proud to say many of our guildies admit to never have experienced a guild experience as fun and good as with us.

We are a very social, friendly and mature group of players and this will always be very important to us. We are a tight group of people, together quite some time by now, who care alot for respect and dignity for one another. The game should and will always be a fun environment for us to be, not the other way around.


As said, we are an awesome, very social and active guild, in a nutshell meaning that:

- We are always respectful, friendly and mature towards one another. There are no exceptions.

- A place for all, from all over the world. There are many languages spoken amoung our guildies, however English is and will always be the language we ask you to use when dealing with other guildies.

- We have multiple (of our own) teamspeak 3 servers available that are free to use for guildies, both socially and gaming related.

- Every week casual raiding going on. From new to old content. There is a core raid team progressing in HC SoO, but there are many other capable players meaning there is flex and SoO Normal (alt)runs. We are no stranger to achievement runs either.

- We have transparent leadership meaning feedback and ideas / events for the near future are always welcome and well considered. Everyone's opinion matters to us and is weighed equally.


As stated a few times, we are respectful, friendly and mature people. Needless to say you will be expected to behave as respectful as the rest. Thats a golden rule without any exceptions.

- Are you a casual player enjoying the game in your own way without being fussed about all that raiding and pvping? The game will either way be the most fun when you have an active, social and helpful guild. We are always looking for more social players to come aboard. We have all kinds of players, young(18+), old, female, male and from all corners of Europe. Feel free to join in!

- We are always looking for exceptional players. If you think what you do, your skill or mindset, is exceptional and would be of value to us? Feel free to contact me. This can vary from being a Raidleader for old raids / achiev runs up to leading a Normal SoO team. Ofcourse this all goes for everything that has to do with PvP aswell.

- I think most is covered now. What's left to say is that we hope to expand our roster with some awesome social and active gamers. Maybe except from PvP where we aren't that active, we do lots of stuff together and now we feel the time is right to expand our family.

Feel free to add / contact me for any questions or things I forgot.

If you think you would fit in and are interested in joining, add my battletag for a little talk.

BattleTag: Milan#2761 Charachters I play alot: Luriofax, Lurio, Lurofax

My kind regards,

We look forward to meet you,

Milan / Luriofax