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    Cool Your Favorite Video Game Cinematics?

    Blizzard has proven to me time, and time again that they are the masters of making cinematics.

    But then, three years later, with the release of Starcraft 2, they blew my mind again.

    three weeks ago, Blizzard released, IMAO, their greatest cinematic yet.

    Oh, the awesomeness! It burns my eyes!
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    It's just uncanny: http://i.imgur.com/hm7XMCo.png

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    I know it's panned by a lot of people here, but I love the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy X

    It's not an in-game cinematic, but I really liked this one too:

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    Diablo 2's cinematics in the asylum with Marius.


    Blizzard's cinematics are stunning. Even decades later.

    I don't know anything about World of Warcraft. I do not know anything about Warlords of Drainor, but when I saw that cinematic for the expansion I was super excited for a game I absolutely hate.

    That's a helluva a feat.
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    Asura's Wrath was basically one large cinematic...but it was a dang good one (Until that whole "True ending is DLC" garbage").

    I gotta keep digging through games to remember a really good one though.
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    when i was in my teens final fantasy x cinematics blew my mind.

    i really liked the original Devil May Cry ending cinematic also. good stuff.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 opening.
    Summing up KH1 and Chain of Memories in such a beautiful fashion.
    I've always adored FF's cutscenes post X.

    December hurry up, I need mah KH2.5 in me.
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    Arthas returning and killing his father and the good ending from Bioshock 2 def my favs, and in the case of the latter was one of the very very few times I've been moved to tears by a game.

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