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    [Megathread] Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

    What do you think about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Post your thoughts here!
    I played it today, I think it's absolutely fantastic!

    My review in summary (hopefully no spoilers):
    1. The main storyline is roughly 5 hours in length.
    2. Playtime is about double that if you liberate all bases on the island and do all of the bonus missions.
    3. It's 80's music and humor done well in a modern context. It reminds me of Duke Nukem. The dialogue is amusing to listen to, good banter, funny lines, amusing to listen to.
    4. It's standard Crysis/FarCry. Very similar to FarCry 3 with "modern" textures. There are even futuristic looking gliders.
    5. Blood Dragons roam the wilds in addition to normal flesh-eating mammals. Similar in that respect to FarCry3 only more dangerous. The dragons are very dangerous and only after you have earned weapon upgrades would it be wise to take them on!
    6. It's remarkably easy to die!
    7. Runs well & stable. CryEngine2/3 is gorgeous, textures are high resolution, everything you would come to expect of a modern game engine.
    8. Multi-Monitor/Widescreen resolution support.
    9. Lots of colourful neon lighting. Plenty of "dreamy glow". Post effects make the game look like a dreamy computerised world from the 90s in a really pretty way.
    10. Epic destruction from start to finish!
    11. Very well recreated 1980s NES-style console video graphics telling the storyline. I thought it kinda dragged on a little at first but came to enjoy watching these "8-bit" story clips after a while.

    I'd give it 9 out of 10. I'd really recommend it! It's a fantastic creation.

    Creating this "Megathread" because I couldn't find one already!

    Edit(1): Played on PC.
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    Looks amazing with the graphics kicked up on my 3570k and HD 7970.

    Clearing out bases is so much fun with the blood dragons. I would sit outside the gates, throw in some hearts, and let the dragon do it's thing before I would go in and conduct clean up. The dragons themselves are really cool, and insanely powerful. I think I got 2 shot by the laser when I was trying to kill one early on (achievements). The dialogue is hilarious, and the fuck you button is an amusing addition.

    I have to agree about it reminding me of Duke Nukem.

    Just so you know, it runs on the Dunia Engine 2 which is a modified CryEngine, not the 2/3 versions. Definitely shows you how ahead of its time that engine was.

    It's an incredibly fun game, although you may not get a lot of the humor if you weren't around in the 80/90s. If you're not, I still suggest it on a gameplay standpoint. Using the dragons is a very fun alternative to your standard FPS.

    The fact it's $15 and standalone is awesome. I didn't buy FC3 for financial reasons, but AMD was awesome and added Blood Dragon to their Never Settle list and sent me a code.

    If you are not wanting another platform, you might not want this since you do need Uplay even if you bought it through Steam.

    I'd put it at a 7-8/10. More gun options and varied missions would be nice, but I never found myself bored with it, and I was laughing at most of the dialogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen Angel View Post
    Just so you know, it runs on the Dunia Engine 2 which is a modified CryEngine, not the 2/3 versions. Definitely shows you how ahead of its time that engine was.
    Thanks for mentioning this and that is indeed correct. I wrote "CryEngine 2/3" for simplicity although I am aware it actually runs Dunia 2 (I absolutely loved the original Dunia engine in Far Cry 2, ofc being perhaps the most memorable aspect of the Dunia mod is the 'fire physics'). Still, that aside, the game is still a gorgeous CryEngine derivative.

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    I can't really add much from what the OP said except to really stress how awesome the music was from this game. I need to get an OST.

    The only real complaint I have is that the ending sequence is one long orgasmic explosion, but I was really looking forward to final boss fight. The lack of one soured my opinion of the whole experience [but just a little bit]. It was still a fun romp though and there are so many homages to 80's action movies it will make your head spin with nostalgia.

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