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    Skinny WoW player to Teen Bodybuilder. Rate transformation/10

    This was my starting point. (I only have this one picture) My stats here were 6'1" 175 lbs. This was taken the day I started on June 1st, 2010, 18 years of age.

    At the age of 19 I decided I wanted to do a show before I was unable to compete in the teens. These pictures were taken on March 23rd, 2012. Obviously the day of my show. Stats here are 6'1" 185 lbs. 19 years of age here. I won the Teen class.

    Time between pictures: roughly 1 years 9 months.

    Original post since he doesn't have MMO CHamp account:
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    This thread is probably better suited for the sports/fitness forum.

    With that being said, is "teen bodybuilding" even considered to be healthy? It was my understanding that it wasn't a good idea to do this kind of body shaping while the body hasn't finished growing.

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    Very nice, must feel awesome for you OP

    Did you take any steroids or anything? (just intrested)

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    nice head shot from when u were "not" muscly

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    10/10, I'm jelly.

    I've tried, and haven't been able to keep up my weight training for more than a few months at a time, due to class scheduling (actually do to my laziness, but class scheduling provides an easy scapegoat).
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    Wow, you really have been working for it I started to really work out 2 months a go, i was in better shape than you though when i started. I'm hoping to be at the same condition as you by the end of the year

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    Seems like he ended up just fine, 6'1 is a perfect height. He looks pretty healthy, although you legs look quite skinny :/
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    Nice job.

    My only advise is to continue to work out your legs. They lack the same definition and bulk as the rest of your body.

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    Moved to Sports & Fitness.

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    So did you graduate college at the age of 16? Because your post history suggests you are from Northern California and graduated college almost 3 years ago, yet here you say you are 19. While the original thread on, the dude says he is from North Dakota.

    Not to sound like I think you're full of shit, but I think you're full of shit and took this thread straight off

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    Still don't believe both are you.
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    What was your body fat when you started out?

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    breast / shoulder / arms look like overkill, compared to the rest of the body, especially lower leg. try to get those in line.
    This is a typical bodybuilding clishee, and looks ridicoulus at worst, out of shape / proportion at best. your short neck, and the smallness of your head compared to your shoulder / breast makes me wanting to spend comfort to you.

    I hope your liver and kidney have not been damaged too much.

    Im not sure if u look better now than before, the older image looks healthier. I personally think u overdid it.

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    OP doesn't show face, doesn't prove it's him. 0/10

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    The OP never says it was him, so try and read the post before commenting and looking stupid
    the OP even says "Original post since he doesn't have MMO CHamp account:" so HE indicates OP is talking about someone else, not that hard really
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    He looked better before he started working out. His legs are not proportionate to his upper body at all. His head also looks like it doesn't match his body.

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    Don't understand why people think it looks good with that amount of muscles or atleast that low body fat.. :<
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    Way to look like a light bulb. Get them legs more man....but kudos to you, if this is really you, for the hard work thus far.
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    That kinda muscle is only good for show. No real balance focused all on form...Not a good fighting body...

    But maybe people can answer a query i've had for ages. Why this obsession with highly impractical anounts/forms of muscle? You ask me guys like baseball players have some of the best builds on earth. Generally speaking that is.

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